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Land and Recreation Grant Programs

Grants Overview
The Land and Recreation Grants staff administers grants to local governments through the Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program (FRDAP) and the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). These are competitive, reimbursement grant programs which provide financial assistance for acquisition or development of land for public outdoor recreation. Eligible participants include all county governments, municipalities in Florida and other legally constituted local governmental entities, with the responsibility for providing outdoor recreational sites and facilities for the general public. For more program information view the facts about FRDAP and LWCF in the Program information listed below.

Contact Information
Department of Environmental Protection, Land and Recreation Grants, Mail Station #550, 3900 Commonwealth Boulevard, Tallahassee, FL 32399-3000. For more information, call (850) 245-2501 or email:
Linda Reeves - Program Manager, Land and Recreation Grants Section

Tamika Bass - Community Assistance Consultant

Angie Bright - Community Assistance Consultant

Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program (FRDAP)
The FRDAP is a state competitive grant program that provides financial assistance to local governments to develop and/or acquire land for public outdoor recreational. The maximum grant request is $200,000.

2016-2017 FRDAP Application Submission Cycle:  CLOSED - The submission cycle was held August 3-14, 2015.
ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS: All county governments and incorporated municipalities of the State of Florida and other legally constituted local governmental entities with the legal responsibility for the provision of outdoor recreational sites and facilities for the use and benefit of the general public.

MAXIMUM GRANT REQUEST: The maximum grant request may not exceed $200,000.00. An applicant's requested grant funds may be revised by the Department due to the availability of program funds. Grant awards are contingent upon appropriation by the Legislature.

Below is the link to the 2015-2016 FRDAP Priority List displaying project scores and rankings. The Governor has now signed the 2015-2016 budget that gives $5,491,500.00 for the FRDAP grants. Proviso language determined that the money is to fund all Small Development category applications, those projects $50,000.00 or less. There are 110 small development projects and they may be viewed by clicking on the Priority List link below.
2015-2016 FRDAP Priority List (pdf - 277kb)

Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)
The LWCF is a federal competitive program which provides grants for acquisition or development of land for public outdoor recreation use. The matching ratio is one applicant dollar to one federal dollar for all grant awards (50% / 50%). The maximum grant request is $200,000.

2014-2015 LWCF Application Submission Cycle: CLOSED - The submission cycle was held February 16-27, 2015.
2014-2015 LWCF Application (MS Word Version)
2014-2015 LWCF Application (PDF Version)

  • 2014-2015 LWCF Priority List
  • 2013-2014 LWCF Priority List

  • Administrative Rule
  • Facts about LWCF
  • Administrative Forms
    • LWCF Manual (PDF 540 KB)
    • Commencement Checklist (DOC 40 KB) (PDF 23 KB)
    • Certification of Insurance (PDF)
    • Boundary Map Requirements (DOC 45 KB) (PDF 11 KB)
    • Commencement Certification (DOC 98 KB) (PDF 29 KB)
    • Uniform Federal Appraisal Requirements (PDF 1.9 MB)
    • Project Status Report (PDF)
    • Certification of Manual Possession (DOC 28 KB) (PDF 10 KB)
    • Financial Reporting Procedures  (PDF)
    • Completion Documentation Checklist (DOC 111 KB) (PDF 34 KB)
    • Project Completion Certification Form (DOC 47 KB) (PDF 14 KB)
    • Sample Sign (DOC 56 KB)
    • Notice of Limitation of Use (PDF)
    • LCWF Park Inventory Form (PDF 43 KB)

    • Clearing House Checklist Forms
    • FPS-048 Clearinghouse Checklist (PDF 11 KB)
    • Project Narrative Requirement (PDF 51 KB)
      Active Sample Narrative (PDF 1.4 MB)
      Passive Sample Narrative (PDF 1.5 MB)
    • Environmental Assessment Requirements (PDF 66 KB)
      Active Sample Assessment (PDF 1.1 MB)
      Passive Sample Assessment (PDF 1.4 MB)
  • Reimbursement Forms
    • Reimbursement Checklist (PDF)
    • Payment Request Summary/Actual Costs (PDF)
    • Contractual Services Purchase Schedule (PDF)
    • Grantee Labor Cost Schedule (PDF)
    • Direct Material Purchases Schedule (PDF)
    • Equipment Cost Schedule (PDF)
    • Grantee Stock Material Cost Schedule (PDF)
  • LWCF Sign Logo
    • LWCF Black & White Logo
      thumbnail version of LWCF black and white logo
      (JPG 4.5 KB)
      (GIF 2.6 KB)
      (EPS 217 KB)
    • LWCF Color Logo thumbnail version of LWCF color logo
      (JPG 5.4 KB)
      (GIF 3.3 KB)
      (EPS 216 KB)
    • LWCF Logo Terms of Use (PDF 74KB)
  • History
    • LWCF History Report by County (XLS 20 KB) (PDF 542 KB)
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Last updated: September 10, 2015


3900 Commonwealth Blvd • Tallahassee, Florida 32399
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