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The Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the City of Pensacola and Escambia County have partnered together to offer an Environmental Geocache Tour featuring 12 local environmental sites. Geocaching is an exciting treasure hunting activity and is a great way for individuals and families to spend time together outdoors exploring local parks, barrier islands, habitat restoration areas, and wetland-enhanced stormwater facilities.  The tour offers a great opportunity to learn about the unique environmental features of Pensacola and Escambia County and the work that is being done to improve the quality of the environment in which we live.  Tour participants who visit at least 8 of the 12 locations and use the colored pens at each location to check off the tour visit prize form can pick up a custom coin celebrating the City of Pensacola's 450th birthday.

Escambia County Environmental Tour Geocache Prize Coin

Escambia County Environmental Tour Geocache Prize Coin (back)

Geocaching family collects tour prize coin
The Ellington, Mott and Cofield Family collects tour prize commemorative coin


Tour Highlights

  • The Big Escambia Creek Restoration Project returning the Big Escambia Creek to its original flow.
  • Project GreenShores, the award winning project to restore oyster, saltmarsh and seagrass habitat to Pensacola Bay.
  • The recently unveiled, Admiral Mason Park, with its beautiful pond, fountains and walkways that not only adds to the beautiful sites of Pensacola but also serves as a stormwater treatment system for the surrounding 31 acres.
  • Three of Florida's Award Winning State Parks which highlight the beautiful and unique habitats in our area.
  • Cutting edge stormwater retrofit project, the Glynn Key Stormwater Park at Southgate Plaza, which turned a traditional stormwater pond into a county wetland park in the middle of a commercial development.
  • Pensacola Beach, a barrier island that offers Florida's whitest sand beaches and sea oat covered dunes.

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Environmental Geocache Tour Sites


*Please Do Not Visit at Night

   Last updated: June 24, 2015