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Last updated: August 19, 2014

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Benjamin Blitch, Program Administrator

Panama City Branch Office Service Area


Northwest District
Panama City Office

470 Harrison Avenue
Panama City, Florida 32401
(850) 872-4375
Fax (850) 872-7790



Benjamin Blitch
Assistant Director
Phone: 850-767-0040
Email: Benjamin.Blitch@dep.state.fl.us


            Pamela Hagans
Administrative Assistant

            Phone: 850-767-0050
            Email: Pamela.Hagans@dep.state.fl.us



Solid Water/Hazardous Waste
Compliance Assistance

Air Monitoring
Ambient Air
Corinna Clanton
Environmental Specialist
Phone: 850-767-0052
Email: Corinna.Clanton@dep.state.fl.us

Jack Wick
Environmental Specialist
Phone: 850-767-0053           

Email: Jack.Wick@dep.state.fl.us




Submerged Lands & Environmental Resource Program (SLERP)
Environmental Permitting, Storm Water Permitting and Compliance Assistance


Michael A. Mathews

Environmental Manager

Phone: 850-767-0042

Email: Michael.Mathews@dep.state.fl.us        

            Linda Hamilton
            Senior Clerk

            Phone: 850-767-0051           
            Email: Linda.S.Hamilton@dep.state.fl.us


Charlotte Cope
Engineering Specialist

Permitting/Compliance Assistance
Phone: 850-767-0043           
Email: Charlotte.A.Cope@dep.state.fl.us
Jared Searcy
Environmental Specialist
Permitting/Compliance Enforcement
Phone: 850-767-0044           
Email: Jared.Searcy@dep.state.fl.us



Water Facilities/Compliance Assistance
Drinking water, Domestic Waste Water, Industrial Waste Water, and Air


Josie Penton

Environmental Manager

Phone: 850-767-0045

Email: Josie.Penton@dep.state.fl.us



C. Mark Sumner

Environmental Specialist

Compliance Assistance

Phone: 850-767-0046

Email: Mark.C.Sumner@dep.state.fl.us

Daniel Crean

Environmental Specialist

Compliance Assistance

Phone: 850-767-0054

Email: Daniel.Crean@dep.state.fl.us


Please note: Florida has a very broad public records law.  Most written communications to or from state officials regarding state business are public records available to the public and media upon request. Your Email communication may therefore be subject to public disclosure.


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Contact List-Director's Office

160 W. Government Street, Suite 308
 Pensacola, Florida 32502-5740
Phone: 850-595-8300
Fax: 850-595-8417


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