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Northwest District Compliance Assurance Program Contacts


Elizabeth Orr
Assistant Director
Phone: 850-595-0630
Email: Elizabeth.Orr@dep.state.fl.us




Rebecca Wilson
Phone: 850-595-0668



Carol Melton
Environmental Consultant - Air & Asbestos

Phone: 850-595-0616

Mark Gillman
Environmental Consultant - Tanks

Phone: 850-595-0586



Kenneth Dickey, Section Supervisor
Dredge and Fill, Docks, Environmental Resources and Air
Phone: 850-595-0580
Email: Kenneth.Dickey@dep.state.fl.us


Sue Bristol
Storage Tanks
Phone: 850-595-0570
Email: Susan.Bristol@dep.state.fl.us

Sara Merritt
Storage Tanks
Phone: 850-595-0589

Email: Sara.Merritt@dep.state.fl.us


Sarah Kell
Environmental Resources and OER

Phone: 850-595-0602

Email: Sarah.Kell@dep.state.fl.us


Jennifer Waltrip
Air Compliance

Phone: 850-595-0662

Email: Jennifer.Waltrip@dep.state.fl.us


Jerry Kimbrough
Environmental Resources

Phone: 850-595-0604
Email: Jerry.Kimbrough@dep.state.fl.us

Jeanne Williams
Marinas - Clean Marina Coordinator
Phone: 850-595-0600
Email: Jeanne.Williams@dep.state.fl.us




Brad Hartshorn, Section Supervisor
Beaches, Waste Management and Emergency Response

Phone: 850-595-0591


Reginald Bradley
Phone: 850-595-0569
Email: Reginald.Bradley@dep.state.fl.us

Ross Mitchell
Solid Waste 

Phone: 850-595-0623
Email: Ross.Mitchell@dep.state.fl.us

Aaron Mitchell
Hazardous Waste
Phone: 850-595-0621
Email: Aaron.Mitchell@dep.state.fl.us

Chad Nowling
Solid Waste
Phone: 850-595-0627
Email: Chad.Nowling@dep.state.fl.us
Bruce McNutt
Emergency Response
Phone: 850-595-0615
Email: Bruce.McNutt@dep.state.fl.us

Mike Stephen
Solid Waste
Phone: 850-595-0653
Email: Mike.Stephen@dep.state.fl.us

Kim Allen, Section Supervisor
Wastewater, UIC and NPDES Stormwater

Phone: 850-595-0553
Email: Kim.Allen@dep.state.fl.us


Shelley Alexander
Phone: 850-595-0677
Email: Shelley.Alexander@dep.state.fl.us
Kevin Holler
Phone: 850-595-0701
Email: Kevin.Holler@dep.state.fl.us

Dawna Fackrell
Phone: 850-595-0676
Email: Dawna.Fackrell@dep.state.fl.us

Krista McGraw
Phone: 850-595-0612
Email: Krista.McGraw@dep.state.fl.us 

Kevin Hargett
NPDES Stormwater & Wastewater
Phone: 850-595-0687
Email: Kevin.Hargett@dep.state.fl.us

Dana Vestal

Phone: 850-595-0659
Email: Dana.Vestal@dep.state.fl.us


John Pope, Section Supervisor
Potable Water

Phone: 850-595-0633

Email: John.Pope@dep.state.fl.us


Scott Grubbs
Drinking Water
Phone: 850-595-0587
Email: Scott.Grubbs@dep.state.fl.us
Toni Touart-Rohlke
Chemical Compliance
Phone: 850-595-0658
Email: Toni.Touart-Rohlke@dep.state.fl.us

Nicole Hetzel
Disinfection Byproducts

Phone: 850-595-0660
Email: Nicole.Hetzel@dep.state.fl.us

Joey Whibbs
Boil Water Notices and MORs
Phone: 850-595-0636
Email: Earl.Whibbs@dep.state.fl.us

David Hines
Phone: 850-595-0593
Email: David.Hines@dep.state.fl.us

Liz Willard
Consumer Confidence Reports
Phone: 850-595-0667
Email: Elizabeth.Willard@dep.state.fl.us

Karianne Pezdirtz
Lead and Copper
Phone: 850-595-0632
Email: Karianne.Pezdirtz@dep.state.fl.us


  Please note: Florida has a very broad public records law.  Most written communications to or from state officials regarding state business are public records available to the public and media upon request. Your Email communication may therefore be subject to public disclosure.


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