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Last updated: June 24, 2015

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In 2007, the Ecosystem Restoration Section team of the FDEP conducted several planting projects along Bayfront Parkway including a supplementary planting of emergent grasses at Project GreenShores Site I and the initial planting of the inter-tidal marsh islands and shoreline at Project GreenShores Site 2. 

Due to the persistent migration of the intertidal areas of Project GreenShores Site 1, island materials (sand) occasionally build up creating areas of zonation, which were not previously intended, but are a part of natural processes.  To adapt to the morphological changes, several upland, salt tolerant species were planted to promote biodiversity and aid in stabilization.  PIC 1 (before)  PIC 2 (after)  


By far, the most profound planting effort of the year was the creation of the inter-tidal salt marsh islands at Project GreenShores Site 2.  Aided by individuals, local school groups, local businesses and scout groups from the community, over 20,000 emergent grasses were planted on the three inter-tidal sand islands in one weekend!! See below for photographs event.

PIC 666 PIC 709
PIC 729 PIC 740
PIC 755 PIC 1153


In an effort to create a living shoreline in conjunction with the Living Shorelines Initiative being promoted by several Federal, State and non-profit agencies such as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, NOAA, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and the Florida Coastal Management Program, a variety of upland species were planted on the natural sandy shoreline at Project GreenShores Site 2. PIC 3 (before) PIC 4 (after



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