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In the summer and fall semesters of 2005, Jeff Wooters with the Pensacola Junior College Biology Department coordinated field studies at the Project GreenShores restoration Site 1 for his Marine Biology class. Species reported during this study included the following:

Clams and Snails:
Crown Conch
Eastern Oyster
Gulf Oyster Drill
Scorched Mussel
Common Atlantic Slipper Shell
Zebra Nerite Snail


Blue Crab
Brown Shrimp
Striped Hermit Crab
Atlantic Croaker
Schoolmaster Snapper
Gulf Pipefish
Planehead File Fish
Inland Silverside Minnows
Scaled Sardine
Speckled Trout
Brown Pelican
Laughing Gull
Least Tern
Snowy Egret
Blue Heron
PJC Marine Biology Students with seine net


PJC Professor Jeff Wooters

PJC Students at Project GreenShores   PJC Marine Biology Students study dipnet takings at Project GreenShores


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