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Northwest District Project GreenShores Recreation


Project GreenShores Recreational Opportunities

As the Project Greenshores restoration site becomes an established ecosystem with productive marsh grasses and oyster reefs, aquatic life has multiplied and visiting bird species have grown, providing recreational opportunities to local Florida residents and visitors. Canoes and kayaks  can be often be seen paddling along the projects inshore waterways. Fishermen, birdwatchers, wildlife photographers and scuba divers enjoy the benefits of this now thriving coastal habitat.

Dorothy Corden and James Stegall (see photos below) reported an increase in the number of fish species observed in 2004 in comparison to previous years, including: mangrove grouper, sheepshead, and sargent major.

Birdwatchers are also attracted to the project area. Recently included on the Great Florida Birding Trail, a statewide project that provides site location informational maps for notable birdwatching locations in Florida, many species of birds have been documented in the Project GreenShores restoration sites.

Kayakers at restoration site 1-Project Greenshores

Ron Voss and Hughey Pierceson kayak restoration site

   Dorothy Corden and Betty Flynn-Click on thumbnail for closer viewingLeft to right: James W. Stegall, Lil and Ian King, Joy Himes, Dorthy Corden and Betty Flynn (Young at Heart Club President)-Click on thumbnail for closer viewing








Friends meet to scuba dive and snorkel (*Clicking on thumbnail images will open a new browser window)


Fishermen at Project GreenShores Site 1Boat with crab cages











Recreational fishing and commercial crabbing thrive in this newly created
inter-tidal marsh area and oyster reef.

Artist and photographer, Stephanie Richardson

Local artist/photographer Stephanie Richardson finds ready subjects
at Project GreenShores.

Alan Knoethe leads a nature tour at the Project Greenshores restoration area.
Alan Knoethe leads a birdwatching nature tour along the
Project GreenShores Site 1 restoration site.




Last updated: March 06, 2012

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