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Surface Water Assessment and Monitoring Program (SWAMP) Programs

SWAMP manages the assessment and monitoring priorities for surface water within the boundaries of the Northeast District's 20 counties, including the Lower St. Johns River, the Suwannee River, the St. Mary's and Nassau River, and the Upper East Coast Basins.

The Program serves as an integral part of the District's regulatory section.  SWAMP also compiles data and generates ambient surface water quality information that is critical to the Department's ongoing water quality assessment and the establishment of future standards.  Current ongoing activities include the Lower St. Johns River Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), the Stream Condition Index (SCI), and the Lake Vegetation Index (LVI).


DEP conducted water quality and biological sampling at the following locations to assess attainment of designated uses.


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Water Quality Data
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Last updated: May 04, 2012
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