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Storage Tanks Section

Because Florida has porous soil, the state has rules that seek to ensure that underground and above ground tanks are maintained and operated so that our soil and groundwater is not polluted.  A compliance and cleanup program implements the Department's rules.


The 19 counties in Northeast Florida, have roughly 2,500 commercial facilities with tanks registered as having regulated substances.  Of the 2,500 facilities about one third (approximately 800-900) had discharges to the environment.  When petroleum contamination occurs, our office will oversee the cleanup of petroleum contamination in soil and groundwater. 

Financial Assistance Programs

Because cleanup can often be very expensive, the state has financial assistance programs available to registered facilities: 

Petroleum Cleanup Program
  • EDI - Early Detection Incentive Program
  • PLRIP - Petroleum Liability and Restoration Insurance Program
  • ATRP - Abandoned Tank Restoration Program
  • PCPP - Petroleum Participation Cleanup Program
  • Preapproved Advanced Cleanup

*Note: State funded cleanup assistance programs have become generally unavailable after December 31, 1998.  Facilities causing contamination in 1999 or later must use their own resources (through their insurance or other financial coverage) to assess the pollution and clean it up. 

However, sites still on the state cleanup list that had contamination before 1999  will still receive financial assistance for assessment and cleanup in priority order as state funds become available.

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Florida has some of the most stringent Storage Tank Regulations in the country. Compliance with these rules is a priority.  

Our tanks section deals with the construction, maintenance, operation and closure of the following (detailed in Chapter 62-761 and 62-762, Florida Administrative Code):

Aboveground Storage Tanks containing:


Underground Storage Tanks containing:

  • Petroleum
  • Pesticides
  • Ammonia compounds
  • Petroleum
  • Pesticides
  • Ammonia compounds
  • CERCLA - listed Hazardous Substances (not hazardous waste)

Storage Tank Regulation Section in Tallahassee maintains helpful information including:

  • Tanks Program County Inspectors (at bottom of linked page)
  • Current Approved equipment list
  • Petroleum Storage System Contractor (PSSC) list
  • Rules and guidelines (such as the closure assessment guidelines)
  • Tanks facility database
  • Petroleum Contamination Tracking database
  • A list of Contracted Counties with each county inspector

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Complaints, Questions and Concerns
Call in Complaints about leaking storage tanks or tank systems that don't meet code to (904) 256-1700.

Petroleum contamination of soil or groundwater, or petroleum discharges (spills) should be reported to the State Warning Point at (800) 320-0519.

     Request DEP Compliance Assistance



Last updated: June 05, 2015
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