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Lower St. Johns TMDL Executive Committee Highlights

St. Johns River Basin Assesment Map    MEETING INFORMATION

The TMDL Executive Committee meets annually to discuss progress and plans for moving forward. The next meeting will be held Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 9:30 am at the Florida Coastal School of Law, Room 585, 8787 Baypine Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32256.

As always, the Executive Committee meeting will be a public meeting and anyone is welcome to attend.  For further information or if you have items to suggest for the agenda, please contact the committee facilitator, Tiffany Busby, at TLBusby@wildwoodconsulting.net or call 904-797-2721.

2017 Meeting Information

February 23, 2017 Meeting Agenda
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St. Johns River Basin Management Action Plan

The LSJR BMAP identifies the management strategies necessary to achieve the nutrient TMDLs for the main stem of the river from the confluence of the Ocklawaha River north to the mouth of the river. The Final Order has been assigned OGC Case No. 08-2428.

TMDL Goals

  • Provides information dissemination and exchange among stakeholder groups.
  • Secures stakeholder participation in the detailed allocation and implementation stages of the TMDL process, bringing in diverse expertise and perspectives.
  • Provides a forum to assemble stakeholder allocation agreements and forge consensus on an implementation plan.
  • Improves linkages between TMDL implementation and growth management decisions of local governments.

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Executive Committee 

  1. Industry: Mr. Lake Ray III, President, First Coast Manufacturers Association
  2. Agriculture: Mr. Danny Johns, Chair, North Florida Grower’s Exchange
  3. Builders: Mr. Peter C. Hallock, P.E., Civil Engineering Analysis & Forensics
  4. Utility Authorities: Mr. Paul Steinbrecher, Environmental Services, JEA
  5. Environmental Interest: Mr. Don Loop, Executive Director, Stewards of the St. Johns
  6. Environmental Interest: Dr. Radha Pyati, Chair-Chemistry Department, University of North Florida
  7. Regional Planning Councils: Mr. Brian Teeple, Executive Director, Northeast Florida Regional Council 
  8. Local Government: Mr. Tom Morris, Executive Director, Clay County Utility Authority
  9. Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services: Ms. Katie Hallas, Environmental Administrator, Office of Agricultural Water Policy.
  10. MSW - Public Works: Mr. William Joyce, Public Works Department, City of Jacksonville
  11. Florida Department of Environmental Protection: Mr. Gregory Strong, Northeast District Director (Committee Chair)
  12. St. Johns River Water Management District: Dr. Ann Shortelle, Executive Director, St. Johns River Water Management District
  13. United States Army Corps of Engineers: Mr. Eric Summa, Environmental Branch Chief , United States Army Corps of Engineers
  14. Local Government Utilities: Mr. Ty Edwards, Public Works Director, City of Jacksonville Beach
  15. Military: Ms. Mary Beth E. Oxendine, Air & Water Section Head, U.S. Navy
  16. Local Government/MS4: Mr. Jay Brawley, County Engineer, St. Johns County
  17. Ex Officio/Middle Basin: Mr. Hugh Harling, Executive Director, East Central Florida Regional Planning Council
  18. Ex Officio/Middle Basin: Mr. Jeff Prather, Central District Director, Florida Department of Environmental Protection

General Committee Characteristics:

  • The committee was appointed in 2002 by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP)-Northeast District Director Ernie Frey and continues to meet at least annually, now that the allocations are being implemented.  The type and number of seats was adjusted slightly (increased) during the process, but the overall distribution of representation by various entities has remained consistent.  The most difficulties have been to maintain active participation by the two environmental interest seats as well as to achieve good communications back and forth with agricultural interests through an individual representative.

  • The committee has seats that represent a larger number of individual stakeholders because the total number of affected entities was too large to have each entity on the committee.

  • The current FDEP-Northeast District Director Greg Strong handles appointments if personnel changes occur or committee members become inactive.

  • The committee notes, procedures, archives, and administration are handled by an independent facilitator (Tiffany Busby) under contract with FDEP.

For more information about the committee, please contact Tiffany Busby at 904-797-2721 or email TLBusby@wildwoodconsulting.net.

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Interested Parties

A large group of individuals are listed as interested parties.  They receive all meeting notifications and provide input into the process through their stakeholder group representatives. To be included on this list please contact Johna Smith at Johna.J.Smith@dep.state.fl.us or (850) 245-7508.

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Last updated: February 28, 2017
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