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St. Johns River - Assesment and Monitoring Programs

SCI Monitoring station on channel marker 
Stream Condition Index (SCI) - The Department conducts SCI's to determine the health of a stream based on the biota and habitat within the stream. Continuous Data - The department has two continuous sampling sites that take pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, and temperature readings every 15 minutes.
Various Field Paperwork Hogan Creek in Jacksonville
STORET - The Florida STORET database has most of the data collected throughout the state including the St. Johns River basin. Tributory Assesment Team (TAT) - Waterbody Ranking - The TAT ranking is done every year for the top 75 worst tributaries feeding into the St. Johns River.  
Lake Disstan  
Lake Vegitation Index (LVI) - The Department conducts LVI's to determine the health of a lake based on the vegetation found along the perimeter.  


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Last updated: November 15, 2011
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