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Northeast District - Law Enforcement Programs

DEP Law Enforcement Badge7825 Baymeadows Way, Suite B200
Jacksonville, Florida 32256
(904) 256-1530 Phone
(904) 448-4314 Fax

Bureau of Park Police
Captain Biagio Angiuli, (904) 256-1531
Lieutenant Krista Christian, (904) 256-1532
Lieutenant Dan Dickson, (352) 955-6227 (Gainesville)

Criminal Investigations Bureau
Acting Captain Derrell Jones, (904) 256-1537
Special Agent Bennie Radcliff, (904) 256-1534
Special Agent Brett Starling, (904) 256-1533
Special Agent David Terrones, (904) 256-1536
Special Agent Paul Delgado, (386) 454-8906 (High Springs)
Special Agent Richard Carey, (386) 454-8906 (High Springs)

Bureau of Emergency Response
Don Mozick, (904) 256-1529
Gracie Kennedy, (904) 256-1528
Matt Harris, (904) 256-1527

Division of Law Enforcement - Tallahassee Office

Dial *DEP to Report Environmental Crimes

Environmental Crimes are People Crimes!

We need your help to keep our environment safe for people and wildlife.

Law enforcement relies heavily upon the eyes and ears of responsible citizens just like YOU to aid us in the detection and successful prosecution of violators, especially in environmental crimes.

Our division stands ready to thoroughly investigate any and all credible reports of alleged criminal wrongdoing and arrest violators whom we either catch in the act of violating the law, or for whom arrest warrants are issued by courts of competent jurisdiction following an investigation which proves the elements of one or more crimes.

  • For environmental emergencies, please call the State Warning Point at 1-800-320-0519 or *DEP on cellular phones.

  • You may be the only witness to an environmental crime who is willing to report it.  Don't assume that someone else made the call to relay all needed information.

  • Location, location, location - be as specific as possible with GPS coordinates, a physical address or directions to the site.

  • Reporting violations promptly can prevent further environmental damage and loss of evidence that may connect perpetrators to their crime.

  • If you participated or were present during the commission of a crime, your statement and cooperation with DEP will be invaluable to the investigation.

  • You may remain anonymous, but try and speak with one of the agents or the supervisor listed above. Anonymous voice messages often do not provide enough details.

"We are all the victims of environmental crimes"


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Last updated: August 23, 2011
  FDEP - Northeast District - Contact

8800 Baymeadows Way West, Suite 100, Jacksonville, Florida 32256   904-256-1700 (phone) / 904-256-1588 (fax)
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For critical after hours emergencies call the State Warning Point Number:  1-800-320-0519 

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