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Sherwood Forest Front Porch, Inc. Jacksonville

The Sherwood Forest community is located in the Northwest Quadrant of Jacksonville. The development of this neighborhood began in the early 1950�s. This community received its designation on October 16, 2002. The one-mile boundarySolar Water Heater consists of Soutel Drive, Norfolk Boulevard, Arrowsmith Road, and Devonshire Boulevard. There are approximately 2,000 residents that live within these boundaries. The businesses within this neighborhood consist of a funeral home, two convenience stores, restaurants, barber shops, one main grocery chain, daycares, and a pharmacy. Three plazas are in the neighborhood of which two are in need of repair or redevelopment. The Charles Clark Community Center, churches, two elementary schools, and a park are located within the boundaries of this neighborhood.

The Sherwood Forest neighborhood ethic makeup is predominately African-American. According to the latest statistics in the Neighborhood Action Plan, approximately 38% of its residents are age 45 and older. The highest population of elderly residents reside in the Morris Manor Apartments. The income level is low to moderate for each household. Eighty-two percent of the homes were built between 1949 and 1969.

The key issues facing this community are beautification, youth and elderly programs, crime, economic development, and housing. Various projects have been implemented over the past year to address these needs. Street resurfacing, home improvements, structural improvements to the Sherwood Plaza, weatherization projects, and roof repairs, just to name a few. Plans for a youth tutorial program are currently underway.

DEP Assitance

Solar Energy Lights Up Sherwood Forest
Solar Panel on Resident's HomeThe Florida Energy Office, Florida Solar Energy Center and Florida Solar Energy Research & Education Foundation established a partnership with Front Porch Florida, a program launched by in 1999 to revitalize low-income neighborhoods, to improve energy efficiency of homes in designated communities throughout the State. State agencies are assisting 20 designated neighborhoods with community-driven initiatives for economic growth, education and environmental preservation.

As part of this program, Florida is provided solar water heaters to seven households in Jacksonville � part of the 150 units that will be delivered to residents in underserved communities throughout the state. Named Front Porch Sunshine, Florida is the first in the nation to install solar energy technology in weatherized, low-income homes. The reliable, low-maintenance solar systems use the sun�s energy, instead of electricity, to heat water. A solar collector installed on the roof holds water that is heated by the sun. A traditional water heater serves as a backup supply of hot water on overcast or rainy days.  



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Last updated: November 18, 2010
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