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River Photo by Mike KuhmanSt. Johns River at a Glance

The Department of Environmental Protection's (DEP) River at a Glance report provides the public with information on water quality in the St. Johns River. Since April of 1997, DEP's Northeast District has sampled the River in Duval County and later expanded this effort to include stations in Clay and Putnam counties. 

DEP scientists evaluate water quality along the St. Johns by conducting monthly sampling at four stations.  Approved scientific techniques are used to measure a number of different chemical, physical, and biological characteristics. These results are compared with standards that scientists believe reflect a healthy water body. 

Since environmental factors can change quickly, scientists dubbed the survey "River at a Glance" to emphasize that the sample results represent a monthly snapshot of the St. Johns River.

River at a Glance is intended to monitor water quality and draw conclusions on the influence of environmental factors. If water quality drops below the safe mark for swimming or fishing activities, the Department of Health would issue appropriate warnings. 

Map of Stations St. Johns River Station Name County Sample Run

Sampling Stations - Click to enlarge

Run A Run B
Welaka Public Boat Ramp Putnam 1  
Brown's Landing Public Boat Ramp Dock Putnam   1
Elgin Grove Boat Ramp Dock Putnam 2  
Riverdale Private Dock St. Johns   2
Orangedale/Shand's Fishing Pier St. Johns 3  
County Dock Duval   3
Jacksonville Metropolitan Park Marina, Dock A Duval 4  
Arlington Lions Club Public Boat Ramp, South Dock Duval   4

River At a Glance STORET Retrieval Instructions

Sample Runs - All sites are sampled bi-monthly.  Each month four of the eight sites are sampled.  This is done on 2 tracks, A and B, listed in the table above.  Track A sites are done in odd months and Track B sites are done in even months.  BOD, coliforms, TSS, VSS, color, turbidity and the in-situ measurements, dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, temperature, salinity, and Secchi depth are studied during every sampling event.  Nutrients are done every other sampling event; therefore, nutrients are done at each site every 4 months while all other parameters are done bi-monthly.

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River at a Glance

Sample Locations & Results


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