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Florida Hurricane Information Quick Links

Storm Systems

National Hurricane Center

Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale

  • Category One: Winds 74-95 mph: Generally, no substantial damage to building structures; potential damage primarily to unanchored mobile homes, shrubbery and trees.
  • Category Two: Winds 96-110 mph: Possible damage to roofs, doors and windows; expect considerable damage to vegetation, mobile homes and piers; potential flooding in low-lying areas
  • Category Three: Winds 111-130 mph: Some structural damage to small residences expected; destruction of mobile homes; coastal and inland flooding.
  • Category Four: Winds 131-151 mph: Some complete roof structure failure on small residences; beach erosion; major damage to lower floors in coastal homes.
  • Category Five: Winds greater than 155 mph: Complete roof failure on many residences and industrial buildings; some complete building failures; major damage to coastal homes; possible mandatory evacuations issued.

Watches and Warnings

A Hurricane Watch indicates the possibility that you could experience hurricane conditions within 36 hours. An emergency plan that includes gathering emergency supplies necessary for power outages, securing loose outdoor items such as plants, grills and lawn furniture, making arrangements for pets and locating evacuation routes if notices are issued should be ready to heed.

A Hurricane Warning indicates that sustained winds of at least 74 mph are expected within 24 hours or less in a particular area. Once issued, the emergency disaster plan should be implemented.

Reporting Price Gouging

Governor Scott urges all Floridians to report suspected cases of price gouging.


Last updated: August 03, 2017

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