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Comprehensive Rule Review

The Department of Environmental Protection has complied with the requirement in Section 120.745, F.S., by cooperating with the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform in conducting a review of agency rules and identifying each data collection and revenue rule. To see the results of this rule review please go to https://www.myfloridalicense.com/rulereview/Rule-Review-Reports.html.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this web site is provisional. This Internet site should not be used to obtain the official version of a document. For matters affecting legal rights, please refer to the official version of the Florida Administrative Code provided by the Department of State located at www.flrules.org.


  • DEP Regulatory Plan
  • Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund
  • Florida Communities Trust

  • 2011-2012 DEP and BOT Regulatory Plan
  • 2012-2013 DEP and BOT Regulatory Plan
  • 2013-2014 DEP and BOT Regulatory Plan
  • 2014-2015 DEP and BOT Regulatory Plan
  • 2015-2016 DEP Regulatory Plan
  • 2015-2016 BOT Regulatory Plan



    Board of Trustees of Internal Improvement Trust Fund

    18-1 State Land Acquisition Procedures

    18-2 Management  of Uplands Vested in the Board of Trustees

    18-14 Administrative Fines for Damaging State Lands or Products Therof

    18-18 Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve

    18-20 Florida Aquatic Preserves

    18-21 Sovereignty Submerged Lands Management

    18-23 State Buffer Preserves

    18-24 Florida Forever Land Acquisition and Management

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    Department  of Environmental Protection

    62-4 Permits

    62-8 Ad Valorem Tax Assessment Rules-Guidelines for Tax Assessors

    62-11 Aquatic Animal Damage Valuation

    62-17 Electrical Power Plant Siting

    62-18 Vehicle Sound Measurement

    62-25 Regulations of Stormwater Discharge

    62-40 Water Resource Implementation Rule

    62-43 Surface Water Improvement and Management Act

    62-45 25-Year Permits for Maintenance Dredging in Deepwater Ports

    62-107 Short-Term Emergency Response

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    62-110 Exceptions to the Uniform Rules of Procedure

    62-113 Delegations

    62-150 Hazardous Substance Release Notification

    62-160 Quality Assurance

    62-204 Air Pollution Control - General Provisions

    62-210 Stationary Sources - General Requirements

    62-212 Stationary Sources - Preconstruction Review

    62-213 Operation Permits for Major Sources of Air Pollution

    62-214 Requirements for Sources Subject to the Federal Acid Rain Program

    62-243 Tampering with Motor Vehicle Air Pollution Control Equipment

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    62-252 Gasoline Vapor Control

    62-256 Open Burning

    62-257 Asbestos Program

    62-285 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction

    62-296 Stationary Sources - Emission Standards

    62-297 Stationary Sources - Emissions Monitoring

    62-302 Surface Water Quality Standards

    62-303 Identification of Impaired Surface Waters

    62-304 Total Maximum Daily Loads

    62-305 Total Maximum Daily Load Water Quality Restoration Grants

    62-306 Water Quality Credit Trading

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    62-312 Dredge and Fill Activities

    62-330 Environmental Resource Permitting

    62-340 Delineation of the Landward Extent of Wetlands and Surface Waters

    62-341 Noticed General Environmental Resource Permits

    62-342 Mitigation Banks

    62-343 Environmental Resource Permit Procedures

    62-344 Delegation of the Environmental Resource Program to Local Goverments

    62-345 Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method

    62-346 Environmental Resource Permitting in Northwest Florida

    62-348 Permitting and Alternative Mitigation for the Mining of High-Quality Peat

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    62-503 State Revolving Fund Loan Program

    62-505 Small Community Wastewater Facilities Grants

    62-520 Ground Water Classes, Standards, and Exemptions

    62-521 Wellhead Protection

    62-522 Ground Water Permitting and Monitoring Requirements

    62-528 Underground Injection Control

    62-531 Water Well Contractor Licensing Requirement

    62-532 Water Well Permitting and Construction Requirements

    62-550 Drinking Water Standards, Monitoring, and Reporting

    62-552 State Revolving Fund Program for Drinking Water Facilities

    62-555 Permitting, Construction, Operation, and Maintenance of Public Water Systems

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    62-560 Requirements for Public Water Systems That are Out of Compliance

    62-600 Domestic Wastewater Facilities

    62-601 Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant Monitoring

    62-602 Water or Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators and Distribution System Operators

    62-603 Detergents

    62-604 Collection Systems and Transmission Facilities

    62-606 Releases from Gambling Vessels

    62-610 Reuse of Reclaimed Water and Land Application

    62-611 Wetlands Application

    62-620 Wastewater Facilities and Activities Permitting

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    62-621 Generic Permits

    62-624 Municipal Seperate Storm Sewer System

    62-625 Pretreatment Requirements for Existing and Other Sources of Pollution

    62-640 Biosolids

    62-650 Water Quality Based Effluent Limitations

    62-660 Industrial Wastewater Facilities

    62-670 Feedlot and Dairy Wastewater Treatment and Management Requirements

    62-671 Phosphate Mining Waste Treatment Requirements

    62-672 Minimum Requirements for Earthen Dams Used in Phosphate Mining and Benefication Operations and for Dikes Used in Phosphogypsum Stack System Impoundments

    62-673 Phosphogypsum Management

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    62-699 Treatment Plan Classification and Staffing

    62-701 Solid Waste Management Facilities

    62-704 Certification of Resource Recovery Equipment

    62-708 Full Cost Accounting for Solid Waste Management

    62-709 Criteria for Organics Processing and Recycling Facilities

    62-710 Used Oil Management

    62-711 Waste Tire Rule

    62-713 Soil Treatment Facilities

    62-716 Solid Waste Grants Program

    62-722 Regulation of Recovered Materials

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    62-730 Hazardous Waste

    62-731 County and Regional Hazardous Waste Management Programs

    62-737 The Management of Spent Mercury-Containing Lamps and Devices Destined for Recycling

    62-740 Petroleum Contact Water

    62-761 Unerground Storage Tank Systems

    62-762 Aboveground Storage Tank Systems

    62-769 Florida Petroleum Liability and Restoration Insurance Program

    62-770 Petroleum Contamination Site Cleanup Criteria

    62-771 Petroleum Contamination Site Priority Ranking Rule

    62-773 Reimbursement for Petroleum Contamination Site Cleanup

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    62-777 Contaminant Cleanup Target Levels

    62-780 Contaminated Site Cleanup Criteria

    62-781 Drycleaning Solvent Cleanup Program

    62-782 Drycleaning Solvent Cleanup Criteria

    62-785 Brownfields Cleanup Criteria

    62-807 Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline Siting

    62-814 Electric and Magnetic Fields

    62-815 Preservation 2000 Program

    62-816 Area of Critical State Concern Program

    62-817 Land Acquisition Procedures with Preservation 2000 Funds

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    62-818 Florida Forever Program, Grant Application Procedures

    62-819 Florida Forever Program, Land Acquisition Procedures

    62-820 Stan Mayfield Working Waterfronts Program, Grant Application Procedures

    62-821 Stan Mayfield Working Waterfronts Program, Land Acquisition Procedures

    62B-26 Metes and Bounds Description of Coastal Construction Control Lines

    62B-33 Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems - Rules and Procedures for Coastal Construction and Excavation (Permits for Construction Seaward of the Coastal Construction Control Line and Fifty-Foot Setback)

    62B-34 General Permits for Activities Seawards of the Coastal Construction Control Line

    62B-36 Beach Management Funding Assitance Program

    62B-41 Rules and Procedures for Application for Coastal Construction Permits

    62B-49 Joint Coastal Permits and Concurrent Processing of Proprietary Authorizations

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    62B-54 Administrative Fines and Damage Liability

    62B-55 Model Lighting Ordinance for Marine Turtle Protection

    62B-56 Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems- Rules and Procedures for Using Sand-Filled Geotextile Dune Cores (Permits For Construction and Maintenance)

    62C-16 Bureau of Mine Reclamation - Mandatory Phosphate Mine Reclamation

    62C-17 Master Reclamation Plan for Lands Disturbed by the Severance of Phosphate Prior to July 1, 1975

    62C-25 Conservation of Oil and Gas: General

    62C-26 Conservation of Oil and Gas: Permitting

    62C-27 Conservation of Oil and Gas: Drilling

    62C-28 Conservation of Oil and Gas: Production and Flowlines

    62C-29 Conservation of Oil and Gas: Injection Wells, Well Workovers, and Abandonments

    62C-30 Conservation of Oil and Gas: Wetlands and Submerged Lands

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    62C-35 Certification to Administer Reclamation Rules

    62C-36 Limestone Reclamation Requirements

    62C-37 Heavy Mineral Reclamation Requirements

    62C-38 Fuller’s Earth Reclamation Requirements

    62C-39 Reclamation Requirements for Solid Resources Other Than Phosphate, Limestone, Heavy Minerals, and Fuller’s Earth

    62D-2 Operation of Division Recreation Areas and Facilities

    62D-5 Financial Assistance for Outdoor Recreation

    62D-15 Myakka River Wild and Scenic River Rule

    62S-1 Florida Greenways and Trails Program

    62S-2 Recreational Trails Program

    62S-3 Operations, Activities and Recreation on Lands Under the Management of the Office of Greenways and Trails

    62S-4 Coastal Management Program Coastal Partnership Initiative Grants

    62S-5 Coastal Management Program Grants to State Agencies and Water Management Districts

    62S-6 Pollutant Discharge Act

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