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Public Land and Geodata Survey Data



      Vertical Control - Randy Wegner, Ronnie Taylor, Randy Harrell,  


      Horizontal Control - Randy Wegner, Ronnie Taylor, Randy Harrell,  


      Mean High Water (MHW) Survey Procedures, Lamar Evers, Douglas Thompson, Randy



      Boundary Information System (LABINS) data requests Steve Hodge, LamarEvers, Sim Smith, 


      Certified Corner Records -Lamar Evers, Monica Brown, 


      USGS (digital files) - Steve Hodge,  Lamar Evers, 


      1975 Fill Survey Requirements Jody Miller,  


      Submerged Land Lease Survey Requirements -Lamar Evers, Sim Smith, 


      Upland Easements Survey Requirements - Lamar Evers, Sim Smith, Scott Woolam, 


      Disclaimer Survey Requirements - Lamar Evers, 


      CAD - Richard Malloy, Sim Smith, 


      Riparian Rights -  Sim Smith,  


      Tide Gauge Installation and Removal - Randy Harrell,  


      Field Crew Supervision - Patrick McGhin, Randy Harrell, Sim Smith,  


      Horizontal Densification Projects -Sim Smith, Ronnie Taylor,  


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