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State Lands Forms


Approved Appraiser List Application
Appraisals and appraisal reviews conducted for the Board of Trustees state owned lands must be conducted by appraisers on the Division of State Lands Approved Appraiser List per FAC 18-1.007(2)(a).
Aquatic Plant Removal Permit Application  (pdf  35k, requires Acrobat Reader)
Florida Forever Application [doc]
Application for processing and collecting aquatic plants for Importation, Transportation, Non-Nursery Cultivation, Possession, and Collection (pdf 95k, requires Acrobat Reader)  Rules
Application for removing aquatic plants (pdf  35k, requires Acrobat Reader) Rules
DEP 63-030 (16) (doc) Application for Recordable Document for Lands Filled Prior to July 1, 1975 Pursuant to Chapter 253.12(9) & (10), Florida Statutes
Affidavit Example for Lands Filled Prior to July 1, 1975-"75 Certificate"
DEP 63-031 (16) (doc) Application for Disclaimers to Confirm Title of Formerly Sovereignty Lands Pursuant to Chapter 253.129, Florida Statutes
DEP 63-032 (16) (doc) Application for Quitclaim Deed to Clear Title of Formerly Sovereignty Lands Pursuant to Chapter 253.12(6), Florida Statutes
DEP 62-068 (16) (doc) Application to Purchase Lands Lost Due to Artificial Erosion or Artificial Erosion and Avulsion
DEP 62-069 (16) (doc) Application for Disclaimer for Lands Lost Due to Avulsion
Exchange of land title to which title is vested in the Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund of the State of Florida
Mineral, Oil, or Gas Lease Application
Private Upland Easement Application
Private Upland Lease Application
Release of Reservation Request Form [doc]
Surplus Land Application


Last updated: April 02, 2013

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