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Florida Communities Trust Highlights

Management Plans, Entrance Signs, Logo, and Annual Stewardship Reports

Management Plan

Once the appraisals are reviewed and approved, either the applicant or the FCT will begin negotiations with the property owners. The applicant will be responsible for developing a Project Plan and a Management Plan. The Trust will notify the applicant when it’s appropriate to begin to draft the Plan. Funded applicants with pre-acquired projects will generally be asked to initiate development of the Management Plan right away. Funded applicants with partially pre-acquired and/or new acquisition projects will be asked to initiate Plan development once closing is fairly certain.

A Management Plan is required for all project sites acquired under the Florida Communities Trust Program. The Plan is typically between 15 and 30 pages depending upon the size of the project, the condition of the natural resources and the extent of development and improvements on the Project Site. The Management Plan lays out the short and long range management objectives, site development plans, resource protection activities and long term monitoring of the Project Site. The Management Plan must set forth the following:

FCT has a Management Plan checklist that covers all the necessary topics that need to be included in the Plan. A completed copy of the checklist needs to be submitted with the Management Plan for review. The Management Plan must be submitted and approved by FCT before funds are delivered for a Project Site. Plans should be submitted electronically to your FCT evaluator.

During FCT’s review of the Management Plan, Trust staff forward a copy of the Plan to the Division of Historical Resources for review. Neither agency maintains a list of professional archaeologists who are qualified to work in the State of Florida however the Application Preparation Resources section provides some guidance.

Acknowledgment Signs

After a property is purchased with Florida Communities Trust funds, the recipient must install and maintain a permanent recognition sign (sign examples) along a major entrance road indicating the funding sources for the property acquisition. The acknowledgement sign should be:

FCT recommends you contact your FCT Evaluator to provide a mock up of your sign before production.

Stewardship Reports

The Stewardship Report provides a monitoring mechanism for both the Trust and the Recipient to track the progress of the implementation of the Management Plan. Your Report should:

The Stewardship Report should only report on activities which occurred during the reporting period. If a cumulative format is used then highlight or underline reporting updates to the last report. Recipients are required to submit an Annual Stewardship Report in accordance with 62-815.013, F.A.C., and 62-818.013, F.A.C., unless they have met all grant requirements, been found eligible in a completeness assessment letter, revised the Management Plan, and been formally approved to report on a 5-year cycle. Note all 5-year reports are due in June. Trust staff suggest Reports be submitted electronically to your FCT Evaluator.

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