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Preservation 2000 Highlights

Preservatuib 2000

Florida has the most ambitious program for acquiring conservation lands of any state or nation in the world. Beginning in the late 1960's and early 1970's, Florida established funding to preserve its unique natural heritage. In 1990 Florida established the Preservation 2000 program, a 10-year program that raised $300 million per year for a total of $3 billion - more than the U.S. government was spending nationwide on land acquisition for similar purposes.  1,781,489 acres of lands were protected under the Preservation 2000 program. This land, along with lands acquired through other programs and future acquisitions under the Florida Forever program, will ensure that future generations can enjoy the unique and fragile ecosystems that combine to make Florida an exciting place to live. Only through public conservation of lands will Florida's abundant and diverse flora and fauna continue to survive and thrive.

Florida Forever

The Florida Forever program is the state�s newest blueprint for conservation of our unique natural resources. It replaces the highly successful Preservation 2000 Program (P-2000), the largest program of its kind in the United States. P-2000 was responsible for the public acquisition, and protection, of 1,781,489 acres of land. This new program is more than just an environmental land acquisition mechanism. It encompasses a wider range of goals, including: restoration of damaged environmental systems, water resource development and supply, increased public access, public lands management and maintenance, and increased protection of land by acquisition of conservation easements... more

Partnerships have been the key to the State's Land Acquisition success. From the legislature to the Governor's Office, state agencies and local governments, conservation groups and land owners � P2000 and Florida Forever brought together these major players for one common goal, the conservation of lands to protect Florida's natural resources.

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