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Florida ForeverFlorida's land acquisition program is the largest and most aggressive in the country, with $300 million allocated annually to purchase environmentally sensitive lands through the Florida Forever program.

The Florida Forever Program continues what its predecessor Preservation 2000 began and will go even further to provide future generations of Floridians with a continuing high quality of life. It is more than just an environmental land acquisition mechanism. It encompasses a wider range of goals, including: restoration of damaged environmental systems; water resource development and supply; increased public access; public lands management and maintenance; and increased protection of land by acquisition of conservation easements.

Residents and visitors will always be able to savor a glorious sunset from sugar-sand beaches, camp in cool protected forests, and make their way across miles of connected trails. Thanks to Florida Forever, millions of Americans can enjoy these experiences and know that we are continuing to protect and create safe havens for Florida's many endangered and threatened plants and animals.



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