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State Lands Acquisition Management Strategy

Florida ForeverThe Florida Forever Acquisition Management Strategy combines land acquisition with a number of innovative approaches to conservation and resource management.

Acquisition: Acquisition of important conservation and recreation land to protect large ecosystems, greenways, wildlife habitat, outdoor recreations space, wetlands, forests, coastal areas and significant historical sites;

Grants: Matching grants to local governments for acquisition of lands for parks, trails, and greenspaces within urban areas;

Recreation Facilities: Investment of management funds for capital improvements on public lands such as facilities to provide visitors access to the public lands soon after they are acquired, initial removal of invasive plants and the construction of fire lanes, access roads, trails, and the construction, improvement, enlargement or extension of facilities signs;

Restoration: Restoration of land and water areas;

Water Protection: Water resource development and supply to safeguard Florida's groundwater and surface waters so that sufficient water is available for Florida's natural systems and its citizens;

Easements: Conservation easements to protect land from development while keeping it on the taxrolls, allowing the owner to continue managing it and realize an economic return.

Last updated: January 08, 2016

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