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Small Management Plans, Minor Plan Amendments and Incompatible Use & Linear Facilities Policy Requests Highlights

Management Plans for Properties 160 Acres and Smaller

The Office Of Environmental Services has received the following land management plans for properties 160 acres and smaller in size. Acquisition and Restoration Council (ARC) members who wish to have any of these plans placed on a formal ARC agenda for discussion should contact Hank Vinson, ARC Staff Director, prior to the date indicated below. Please note that at least three ARC members must make the request for a plan for a property smaller than 160 acres in size to be scheduled for an ARC agenda. If we do not receive three requests by the stated deadline to schedule a plan for consideration at an ARC meeting, the plan will be approved.

Minor Amendments to Management Plans

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Florida Forest Service

Optimal Boundary Amendment to the Point Washington State Forest Land Management Plan (Lease No. 3972)

Point Washington State Forest (PWSF) is an approximately 15,050-acre, multiple-use state forest, located in southern Walton County, Florida. FFS would like to include approximately 30.03 acres of additional land, in the form of two individual parcels, into the PWSF optimal boundary. One parcel is 20-acres, and the second parcel is 10.03-acres. Both parcels are located between the current northern boundary of PWSF and US Highway 98.

This optimal boundary amendment is proposed in an effort to clean up the state forest optimal boundary lines, as the two proposed parcels for addition fill in ownership “gaps” in the western-half of the forest. Adding these lands would potentially allow FFS to better manage smoke and fire control activities in the future. This optimal boundary land inclusion would furthermore facilitate a possible future land exchange between the Board of Trustees and Walton County’s Water Authority, which would aid the county in establishing a favorable location for the construction of a water tower to benefit area residents. The link below contains a map showing the location of the two parcels.

Point Washington State Forest Optimal Boundary Amendment Map

The Division of State Lands will approve this boundary amendment unless three ARC members ask that the Division place the request on a future Council meeting agenda. The ARC request deadline is August 5, 2015.

Please direct any questions to Catherine Ingram, Land Planning Coordinator with the Florida Forest Service, at Catherine.Ingram@freshfromflorida.com.

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Emergency Requests

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Management Plan Addendum

Linear Facilities/Incompatible Use Requests

City of Ocala Communications Cable Easement: Cross Florida Greenway

The City of Ocala has requested a 0.66-acre easement over a portion of the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenways State Recreation and Conservation Area for the construction and maintenance of a fiber optic communication line. A description of the request and an analysis of its compliance with the Board of Trustees’ Linear Facilities Policy can be found at the following link:

Communication Cable Easement: Cross Florida Greenway

The Division of State Lands will issue the easement to the City unless three ARC members request the Division place the request on a future Council meeting agenda. The deadline for ARC to make such a request is August 11, 2015.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Inman Hartsfield with the Office of Park Planning at Inman.Hartsfield@dep.state.fl.us.


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    Last updated: July 28, 2015