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62-777 PQL Tables - Guidance for the Selection of Analytical Methods and Evaluation of PQLs Highlights

The following document is intended to assist project managers with the selection of appropriate analytical methodology during the development of Data Quality Objectives (DQOs) for assessing contamination in cases where cleanup target levels are below the sensitivity of published methods and also as an aid in the data review process. The tables included in this document provide target Practical Quantitation Limits (PQLs) for selected, published analytical methods where laboratory PQLs have frequently been found to be higher than Cleanup Target Levels (CTLs). Data consumers and project managers can use the published PQLs as guidelines during project development and data review a) to ensure that adequately sensitive analytical techniques are utilized to address project DQOs, b) as an aid in assessing whether good faith efforts were made to achieve the best possible detection and quantification for the test conditions, and c) to help determine whether or not project goals for required remediation have been achieved.

Guidance for the Selection of Analytical Methods and for the Evaluation of Practical Quantitation Limits, October 12, 2004 (PDF, 970 kB)

Last updated: March 10, 2011

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