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TO: Laboratory Directors
FROM: Doug Jones, Bureau of Waste Cleanup
Silky S. Labie, Quality Assurance
DATE: November 1, 1995
SUBJECT: Florida Petroleum Residual Organic (FL-PRO) - an Alternative Method to Total Recoverable Petroleum Hydrocarbons by 418.1 or 9073

The Department identified a need to find more environmentally sensitive replacement methods for the referenced tests because the currently approved methods use freon as a solvent. A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was formed during the rule development activities of Chapter 62-770 for the purpose of identifying a suitable method.

The Department expressed the need to have information concerning petroleum products in the diesel and motor oil range. Rather than adopting two or even three methods that would cover this range of product types, the Department and the TAC developed a method that combined several of the commonly used methods so that the targeted range of petroleum could be analyzed in a single method. A state-wide validation study was performed by 13 volunteer laboratories.

FL-PRO utilizes a methylene chloride extraction with analysis by a gas chromatographic equipped with a flame ionization detector (GC-FID).

The Bureau of Waste Cleanup's programs whose rules specify the use of 418.1 or 9073 will now also accept data that has been generated by FL-PRO, and will ultimately amend their rules to require its use. This method is available for immediate use and may be obtained by calling the Quality Assurance Section at (904) 488-2796 and requesting "Method FL-PRO", revised November 1, 1995 or by downloading the method from the Quality Assurance Bulletin Board System, QUASI-BBS.

Laboratories who decide to use this method will need to amend their Comprehensive QA Plan (CompQAP) to include the method in their analytical capabilities. At a minimum, this will require the addition of the method to Section 5.0 of a 15-Section CompQAP or Section 2.0 of a CompQAP that has adopted the Department's Standard Operating Procedures. Amendments to other sections will be required if other changes are made in order to use this method (e.g., purchase of a GC, purchase of sample preparation equipment, etc.).

NOTE: Wastewater facilities may not use this method for TRPH or Oil and Grease. The use of this method is only applicable to the activities of the Bureau of Waste Cleanup that addresses Chapters 62-761, 62-762, 62-770, 62-773 and 62-775, or other corrective actions such as consent orders.

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