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The Bureau of Laboratories has established an initiative to develop a minimum set of data elements needed to fully describe environmental measurements.  Because it is customary for Department programs to store only those measured or calculated values directly related to the specific transactional purpose for which they were collected, many data elements that would make these measurements useful for other DEP programs or that are required for rigorous data quality assessment are not stored in DEP databases.   Adoption of a policy of collecting and consistently storing a core set of measurement attributes would enable us to get the most out of the environmental data we rely on to carry out the Department’s mission.

A common strategy for data management would allow Department staff to:

  • Perform cross program assessment by integrating similar data from individual DEP databases 
  • Efficiently perform data quality assessment using electronic tools
  • Calculate agency level performance measures across DEP programs

 Automated Data Processing Tool (ADaPT)
DEP's Electronic Data Validation Program

One of the challenges facing professionals in the environmental arena today is the collection and assessment of large amounts of environmental analytical data.  Assessment of the quality of those data is essential because multi-million dollar decisions are made based on the analytical results.  Furthermore, it is critical environmental programs have the ability to share data across multiple data users.  Standardization of an electronic deliverable allows for data from multiple data collectors to be available to numerous data users or stakeholders on a project.

The Bureau of Laboratories developed the Automated Data Processing Tool (ADaPT) and Environmental Database Management System (EDMS) software programs that aids data users in an accelerated review and assessment of analytical data.  The expedited review allows users to make earlier decisions for corrective action with laboratories, assess trends in data quality outliers, shorten turnaround time for data availability, and save labor costs.

Discussion of the Data Management Strategies:

ADaPT for the Division of Waste Management:

  • ADaPT - for more information


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Last updated: August 25, 2014

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