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Tab Nature Coast State Trail

Nature Coast State Trail

Bicycling is permitted along the trail. Please see information under "Nature Trails."

Horse Trails
A 4.5 mile equestrian trail runs adjacent to the paved trail in the Fanning Springs to Old Town Section just outside Fanning Springs State Park. Eventually the equestrian trail will run the entire length of the park. Currently, parking can be found at the Fanning Springs trailhead off of US 19 in Fanning Springs and the Old Town trailhead off of County Road 349. Equine trail users will be required to bring all necessary supplies, as the trailheads are not developed yet.

Nature Trails
A multi-use trail, the Nature Coast Trail is still under construction. Currently it is paved from Cross City, through Fanning Springs south to just a few miles north of Chiefland. There is also a three-mile section paved from Trenton towards the west. These sections are open and regularly used by

Bicyclists, Joggers, Walkers and Bladers
The remaining portions of the trail are nearing completion, with expectations having the paving completed in March of 2002. These new sections will complete the entire 31.7 miles of paved trail. The next stage of development will include continued construction of the equestrian trail and trailheads.

Nature Coast State Trail
18020 N.W. Highway 19
Fanning Springs, Florida 32693
Phone: 352-535-5181
Tallahassee Headquarters: 850-245-2052

Last updated: April 06, 2015

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