Fishing Bridges on the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail

 (updated 8-1-2011)


Of the 23 historic Flagler railroad bridges along the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail, 16 bridges are currently open for fishing. These historic bridges are listed below, by location and approximate Mile Marker (MM)). Notes indicate which bridges include fishing platforms and which bridges have gaps, making them accessible only from the bridge ends. (B/S= Bayside; O/S=Oceanside, in relationship to U.S. 1)


Islamorada                                                                  Notes

Channel 2 – MM 73, B/S                                            platforms

Channel 5 – MM 71-72, B/S                                       gap


Long Key

Long Key Bridge – MM 63.5 – 65.5, O/S                    platforms



Tom’s Harbor Cut – MM 61.5, O/S                            platforms

Tom’s Harbor – MM 61, O/S                                      platforms

Seven Mile Bridge – MM 40, B/S                               gaps, fish from south end only


Lower Keys

Little Duck/Missouri – MM 39.5, B/S                        

Missouri/Ohio – MM 39, B/S                                    

Ohio/Bahia Honda – MM 38.5, B/S                           

Spanish Harbor – MM 34, B/S                                    gap*, fish from north end only

South Pine – MM 28.5, O/S                                        gap*

Niles Channel – MM 26, O/S                                      closed due to deterioration/safety concerns

Kemp Channel – MM 23.5, O/S                                  gap*

Bow Channel – MM 20, O/S

Park Channel –  MM 18.5, O/S

Lower Sugarloaf – MM 15, O/S         

Shark Channel – MM 11, O/S



*Plans call for the gaps in these bridges to be restored at a future date.