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Cross Florida Greenway Management Plan

The management plan was developed based on the statutes and programs that define the purposes for which the Greenway was acquired.  Muller and Associates, Inc. drafted the plan based on these materials, the state-required elements for a management plan, the findings of the state‚Äôs land management review team (Appendix 13), available information and discussions with Office of Greenway & Trails staff, public comments received during the review period and through public workshops and meetings.

**The management plan maps are available to view and download in the right hand menu. If you click on the Map Series title, you will be able to download all of the maps in that series. Please note that if you choose to download the Map Series, the file sizes are larger and will take longer to open depending on the speed of your internet connection. If you experience any problems viewing the maps, please contact Dean Rogers.

For more information on the Management Plan, please contact Jim Muller


Map Series 1 Location

Map 1a.  Lake Rousseau
Map 1b.  Dunnellon
Map 1c.  Ross Prairie
Map 1d.  Silver River
Map 1e.  Ocklawaha
Map 1f.  Sweetwater Creek

Map Series 2 Opportunity Corridors
Map 2a.  Multi-Use
Map 2b.  Hiking
Map 2c.   Paddling
Map 2d.  Ecological

Map Series 3 Topographic
Map 3a.  Lake Rousseau
Map 3b.  Dunnellon
Map 3c.  Ross Prairie
Map 3d.  Silver River
Map 3e.  Ocklawaha
Map 3f.  Sweetwater Creek

Map Series 4 Historic Landscapes
Map 4a.  Lake Rousseau
Map 4b.  Dunnellon
Map 4c.  Ross Prairie
Map 4d.  Silver River
Map 4e.  Ocklawaha
Map 4f.  Sweetwater Creek

Map Series 5 Soils
Map 5a.  Lake Rousseau
Map 5b.  Dunnellon
Map 5c.  Ross Prairie
Map 5d.  Silver River
Map 5e.  Ocklawaha
Map 5f.  Sweetwater Creek

Map Series 6 Land Cover
Map 6a.  Lake Rousseau
Map 6b.  Dunnellon
Map 6c.  Ross Prairie
Map 6d.  Silver River
Map 6e.  Ocklawaha
Map 6f.  Sweetwater Creek

Map Series 7 Aerials Boundary
Map 7a.  Lake Rousseau
Map 7b.  Dunnellon
Map 7c.  Ross Prairie
Map 7d.  Silver River
Map 7e.  Ocklawaha
Map 7f.  Sweetwater Creek

Map Series 8 Facilities
Map 8a.  Lake Rousseau
Map 8b.  Dunnellon
Map 8c.  Ross Prairie
Map 8d.  Silver River
Map 8e.  Ocklawaha
Map 8f.  Sweetwater Creek

Map Series 9 Land Use
Map 9a.  Lake Rousseau
Map 9b.  Dunnellon
Map 9c.  Ross Prairie
Map 9d.  Silver River
Map 9e.  Ocklawaha
Map 9f.  Sweetwater Creek

Map Series 10 Aerials Optimum Boundary
Map 10a.  Lake Rousseau
Map 10b.  Dunnellon
Map 10c.  Ross Prairie
Map 10d.  Silver River
Map 10e.  Ocklawaha
Map 10f.  Sweetwater Creek

Prescribed Burn Units
Lake Rousseau
Ross Prairie
Silver River
Sweetwater Creek




Last updated: December 31, 2012

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