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Equipment List

Recommended Gear and Safety Equipment

for Extended Trips


  • A sea kayak with rudder suitable for open water

  • Lightweight paddle and spare paddle

  • Spray skirt/cockpit cover

  • U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation device (readily accessible)

  • Marine whistle, bell or horn within easy reach

  • Flares and flare gun

  • Marine radio

  • Waterproof GPS and extra batteries

  • Deck compass

  • Pertinent maps, NOAA charts and tide charts

  • Cell phone (although some areas may be out of range)

  • SPOT Personal satellite tracking system (can give outgoing message where cell phones do not work)

  • First aid kit (ace bandage, butterfly bandages, asst. bandaids, snake bite kit, moleskin, eyedrops, tweezer, scissors, cold/hot pads)

  • Medication (bi-ox, Tylenol, anti-itch cream, antifungal cream, diarrhea tablets, sinus/cold, antacid, painkiller, antibiotic, vomiting medication, nasal spray, seasick pills, thermometer)

  • Towline

  • Bilge pump/sponge/paddle float

  • Paddle Leash

  • Dry bags, deck bag and chart case (for map and GPS)

  • Sunscreen, sun hat, waterproof sunscreen, and long-sleeved, light-colored shirts

  • Polarized sunglasses.  Ski goggles may be optimal for those with sensitive eyes

  • Insect repellent, head net, and net clothing

  • Rain gear

  • Appropriate clothing for anticipated weather

  • Water containers and easily accessible water bottle

  • Lightweight camp stove, fuel container and funnel

  • Matches or lighter

  • Mess kit

  • Tent with fine mesh screen and rain fly

  • Sleeping bag

  • Flashlight and/or head lamp

  • Several feet of cord

  • Small trowel

  • Toilet paper

  • Garbage bags

  • Pocket multi-tool

  • Repair items (duct tape, nails/screws, epoxy putty, super glue, aquaseal)

  • Biodegradable soap and scrubbie

  • Dish towel

  • Ziplock bags

  • Sewing kit

  • Dental supplies

  • Small can of lubricant to spray zippers and other metal parts to prevent corrosion

  • Solid brass lock and stainless steel chain or cable (corrosion resistant) for securing kayak

  • Small brass brush to clean off corrosion on metal objects

  • Optional items include binoculars, walkie-talkies, paddling gloves, folding stool, folding toilet seat, sleeping pad, inflatable pillow, battery operated tent fan, camera, small jungle hammock, wheels for transporting kayak, and a tarp for use as a camp rain fly or ground cover.

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