Gulf of Mexico Community Workshops

In preparing the Gulf of Mexico Alliance Governors’ Action Plan [pdf - 1.47 MB], it was recognized early on that citizen input was necessary for identifying priority issues and building support for on-the-ground change. A series of Community Workshops were held across the five Gulf States, attempting to:

  • Gain local perspectives on priority issues related to the environmental and economic health of the Gulf region;
  • Gain local perspectives on the five priority issues initially being initially tackled by the Alliance;
  • Identify successful programs and partnerships that can support Alliance efforts;
  • Build better relationships between state, local, and federal entities,ol and
  • Build public awareness about the importance of a healthy Gulf of Mexico to local communities, the Gulf region, and the Nation.

While the workshop series was interrupted by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Gulf States managed to conduct eight workshops in the five Gulf States prior to the release of the Action Plan. And most importantly, input received at the Community Workshops has been incorporated into the Governors' Action Plan.

» Federal/State Gulf Alliance Conference

On June 9th 2005, top environmental officials from the White House and five neighboring states gathered strengthen protection for the Gulf of Mexico. Hosted by Florida, the five Gulf states and the federal government outlined a shared ecosystem-based approach for improving the health of the more than 3.7 billion acres of Gulf water through coordinated coastal research, ocean education and water quality safeguards.

Surrounded by the pristine estuarine waters of Rookery Bay in Naples, the environmental leaders discussed strategies to expand existing regional partnerships for protecting the Gulf. The renewed alliance between the Gulf states is part of coordinated response to President George W. Bush’s Ocean Action Plan, which called for the development of regional goals and priorities for safeguarding the nation’s oceans and pointed to the Gulf of Mexico alliance as a model for other coastal areas.

From the June 9th meeting:

Event Photo

Community Workshop session

Brainstorming and discussion groups were excellent ideas, along with the commitment to carry resulting concerns/ ideas forward into reports and state and federal government.


State of the Gulf of Mexico Summit, March 28-30, 2006

The State of the Gulf of Mexico Summit 2006 was scheduled for March 28 – 30, 2006. The Summit was a major step toward creating awareness of those issues that lead to a sustainable quality of life based on sound economies and healthy and productive marine ecosystems. The goal of The Summit was to focus attention, discussion and collaborative action on achieving sustainable economies and environmental quality within the Gulf of Mexico Region.

For more information visit State of the Gulf Mexico Summit 2006 or see our event summary.