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Green Cleaning Highlights

Green Spray Bottle and Towel

The question is often asked - What is green cleaning? Simply put, it is cleaning to protect health without harming the environment. Many people wonder, Why practice green cleaning? The answer is green cleaning is better for human and animal health and has less impact on the environment. Green cleaning reduces waste, increases efficiency and protects the indoor and outdoor environment, plus can also cost less.

Getting Started

It may seem a bit intimidating to embrace something completely new, particularly when it affects ways to keep your family safe and healthy. Practicing green cleaning can be a slow and steady transition or a more comprehensive change. It may be a trial-and-error process as you find which products work best for you or find out that you prefer making your own cleaners.


Green cleaning benefits not only the environment, but your health and even your pocketbook. Practicing green cleaning reduces waste, increases efficiency and protects the indoor and outdoor environment.

Common Misconceptions

Many people think green cleaners do not work as well as traditional cleaners, or that they are more expensive. Learn why in many instances, this is not the case, as well as dispel other myths of green cleaning.

Make Your Own Green Cleaner

Making green cleaners at home is simple and extremely cost-effective. There are dozens of different ways to mix common household products to make cleaners. You may be surprised that having only vinegar, water and baking soda allows you to clean almost anything in your home.

How to Spot a Green Cleaner

Knowing when a claim of being green is actually true and not an advertising ploy can be difficult if you are not armed with the knowledge of how to spot a green cleaner. There are a few approaches to finding the right green cleaner for you - use the third-party certifications listed below to guide you in the right direction, review the list of ingredients and product label and/or research the company.

The Microfiber Cloth

Cloths made of microfiber completely remove dust, and when used alone or with a little water do not leave a chemical film or streaks behind. You can clean and polish surfaces in one action, picking up more than 97 percent of the dust and other materials containing microbes, pollen and mold.

Facts and Figures

Cost savings, reduced impact on the environment and health benefits are listed with simple and straight-forward numbers.

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Last updated: December 30, 2009

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