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Subsidence Incident Reports Disclaimer

Florida Geological Survey - Sinkholes
This geologic data was developed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) - Florida Geological Survey (FGS) to carry out agency responsibilities related to management, protection, and development of Florida's natural resources. Although efforts have been made to make the information accurate and useful, the FDEP/FGS assumes no responsibility for errors in the information and does not guarantee that the data are free from errors or inaccuracies. Similarly, FDEP/FGS assumes no responsibility for the consequences of inappropriate uses or interpretations of the data. As such, these digital data are distributed on an "as is" basis and the user assumes all risk as to their quality, the results obtained from their use, and the performance of the data. FDEP/FGS bears no responsibility to inform users of any changes made to this data. The data in this database was obtained from a variety of sources. Subsidence incident records listed in this database, in many instances, have not been field checked or verified by FDEP/FGS professional geologists. Additionally, the locations of many of these subsidence incidents have not been verified. As such, anyone using this data is advised that precision implied by the data may far exceed actual precision. Comments on this data are invited and FDEP/FGS would appreciate that documented errors be brought to staff attention. The development of these data sets represents a major investment of staff time and effort. As a professional responsibility, we expect that the FDEP/FGS will receive proper credit when you utilize these data sets. Further, since part of this data was developed and collected with U.S. Government or State of Florida funding, no proprietary rights may be attached to it in whole or in part, nor may it be sold to the U.S. Government or the Florida State Government as part of any procurement of products or services.