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What is Florida's Geology Unearthed

... is an upbeat, informative video that covers many aspects of Florida geology and environmental issues; how we depend on the earth and how it depends on us and our behavior. The Florida Geological Survey is pleased to announce the release of this professionally produced video.

... the first comprehensive, Florida-specific geology video production of its kind!

... is winner of the Florida Governor's Environmental Education Awards in Communications and is recognized internationally by The Communicator and the New York Festivals.

Cover picture of the video package "Florida Geology Unearthed"

Educator's Guide

(text to accompany the video)

Format: VHS, 60 minutes

Major themes include Florida's...

  • Ecosystems: Geology plays a big role! Why are some places swamps and others are uplands? How did the ocean help shape our land?
  • Geological History: over the Eons, continents in motion, African origins, ancient life and environments, sea-level changes... "once a string of islands "Did you know ...
    Florida was once part of Africa?
    The Florida peninsula used to be as wide as Georgia?
  • Earth Resources: ground water and aquifers, early mining, mining in Florida today ... a $1.5 billion industry!
  • Geological Hazards: hurricane coastal impacts, erosion, and flooding, sinkhole damage, unstable soils, radon gas

      Environmental Issues: ground-water contamination, waste disposal, mine reclamation, environmental stewardship

    Did you know ...
    We use twice the amount of water in Lake Okeechobee each year?
    We generate enough trash to fill the Orange Bowl once per day?

Last updated: October 20, 2014

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