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Florida Geological Survey - Publications

Ordering Florida Geological Survey Publications

Please read the  instructions on this page before filling out the Order form
The order form is a Adobe pdf document and you will need to download the free adobe reader in order to open it.

Address all orders and correspondence to:

Publications Office
Florida Geological Survey
3000 Commonwealth Blvd., Suite 1
Tallahassee, FL. 32303-3157
Phone No. 850/617-0316

Payment Terms

  • Prepayment is required on all orders.
  • Orders are not taken by phone, but publication information is available.
  • Checks or money orders are accepted. No credit card orders.
  • Make checks/money-orders payable to "Department of Environmental Protection."
  • Due to limited supply, orders are limited to one copy per title.

Shipping and Handling:

  • In addition to the list price, please add shipping and handling as follows. Shipping charges also apply to free publications:
  • Such as posters. There is a $4.00 charge for the mailing tube and postage, Several posters can fit into one tube (one $4.00 charge).
    Orders of: Add
    • up to $2.00
    • 2.01-4.00
    • 4.01-8.00
    • 8.01-12.00
    • $1.00
    • 2.00
    • 2.50
    • 3.00
    Orders of: Add
    • $12.01-20.00
    • 20.01-50.00
    • 50.01-100.00
    • 100.01 and up
    • $5.00
    •   7.00
    • 10.00
    • 15.00

To Speed Processing:

  • Use the electronic order form.
  • Specify series name and number of publications. Examples:Bulletin 43, B-43.
  • Do not order multiple copies of a document.
  • Do not order out-of print publications.


  • Out of print publications are not available for purchase.
  • Publications may be online for free. See Free online Survey publications at the University of Florida Libraries.
  • Copies of out-of-print publications may be available at the libraries listed in the back of this publication or through an interlibrary loan at your local public library.
  • Contact the Library or Publications Office of the Florida Geological Survey at the above address if a copy of an out-of -print document cannot be located.


  • Incorrect checks or money orders cannot be returned due to Department policy. All monies received by the Department must be deposited upon receipt.
  • An application for reimbursement will be issued in the event of a refund.
  • Following the ordering guidelines above will help eliminate delays in processing.

Gift/Exchange Program:

  • Single copies of in-print publications are available at no cost to schools(K-12) for classroom use. Please address these requests on school letterhead.
  • College, University and Public libraries are eligible to enter the Florida Geological Survey's Gift/Exchange program.
  • State government agencies in Florida may receive a complimentary copy of available publications.

Please contact the FGS Library Publications Office for further details of the Gift/Exchange program.

Last updated: October 27, 2015

  3000 Commonwealth Blvd., Suite 1   Tallahassee, Florida 32303   850-617-0300 (phone)  850-617-0341 (fax)
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