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FGS List of Publications

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The Florida Geological Survey maintains a current List of Publications (Information Circular 87). The list includes all formally published publications, a subject index, ordering instructions, and an order form. It is available in PDF format or in an online digital version.

The PDF edition (see list of Publications link above) contains hyperlinks to the full text digital documents as they become available; a majority of these documents are in high quality searchable PDF format. The hyperlinks in the PDF edition are in blue text with a small icon (looks like a computer screen) next to the publications name. Contact the Survey's Publications Office at (850) 617-0316 for information on publication availability.

To view the PDF files you may need to obtain a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you find a publication that you would like to order please use the Ordering Instructions link above which then will take you to the order form.

Hints on searching the List of Publications pdf.

After opening the pdf in adobe reader use Edit/find to (electronically) search for publications by topic, county or author. Also in the Bookmarks (located on the left) an Index bookmark has been added.

Last updated: November 03, 2015

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