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Hydrogeology Section

Physical aquifer characterization

Aquifer-system mapping (identify permeable zones and confining units), geophysical characterization of aquifer-system properties, identify relation between geologic units and aquifer systems through generation of cross sections and contour maps; maintain database of aquifer hydraulic properties; provide knowledge of the hydrogeologic framework to facilitate source-water protection and improved aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) and injection well site location, design and monitoring plans, data sources for vulnerability modeling.

Focus Areas
Hydrogeologic mapping and aquifer vulnerability modeling in Florida: 2D and 3D data analysis and visualization

Watch here for the new FDEP/FGS – Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) ArcIMS website that will provide access to the hydrogeologic framework of the southwestern Florida, including 19 maps and 30 cross sections!

Follow this link for cross section locations and a sample draft map.

See also Geographic Information System Coverages and Databases

FAVA conceptual model Floridan Aquifer System

Last updated: November 10, 2014

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