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4th Annlual Hydrogeology Consortium Workshop

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Scientific Overview

A plenary session was held on May 12, 2005. The session began with opening remarks from the Emcee and the five political and regulatory leaders from the region.

Jim Stevenson (Emcee) FDEP Retired bio
Mike Sole FDEP Chief of Staff bio
Valerie Hubbard FDCA, Community Planning Division Director bio
Debbie Lightsey Tallahassee City Commissioner bio
Cliff Thaell Leon County Commissioner bio
Ed Brimner Wakulla County Commissioner bio

Six speakers from the scientific community then presented talks on the record of water quality declines at Wakulla Spring and the unique hydrogeologic features in the Woodville Karst Plain that control water, and thus contaminant flow to the spring. Particular focus was directed to scientific work that has established connections between land use practices in the Woodville Karst Plain and water quality in the springs. Following the plenary session, a luncheon presentation was given on exploring Wakulla cave.

A list of the presenters is provided below along with links to web versions of their presentations.

Joe Hand FDEP Water Resources Division presentation bio
Tom Pratt Northwest Florida Water Management District presentation bio
Todd Kincaid Hydrogeology Consortium, Hazlett-Kincaid Inc., Global Underwater Explorers presentation bio
Sean McGlynn McGlynn Laboratories presentation bio
Hal Davis U.S. Geological Survey presentation bio
Timothy Hazlett Hydrogeology Consortium, Hazlett-Kincaid Inc. presentation bio

The luncheon presentation was given by Todd Kincaid representing the Global Underwater Explorers-Woodville Karst Plain Project.