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4th Annlual Hydrogeology Consortium Workshop
FGS Intro and Disclaimer Workshop Introduction Scientific Overview Panel
Peer Review Report Field Map

Panel Discussions

Following the scientific overview presented in the Plenary Session the group broke out into three discussion sessions focused on the science and technologies specific to abating three important sources of nutrient loading in the basin: stormwater, septic systems, and wastewater treatment facilities. The discussion sessions each contain a small group of invited expert panelists who short presentations on the problems from their perspective and a moderator who guided subsequent discussions. The goal for each session was to build a consensus of opinion and a set of specific recommendations for the best course of action necessary to solve the problems.

Discussion Session 1: Stormwater Runoff

The Stormwater panel addressed water quality impacts on the Wakulla springshed stemming from stormwater discharge into the basin; correlation of discharge with precipitation; relationship between land use and the quantity and quality of runoff and use of Florida's stormwater program and BMP's to address these impacts; nutrient loading; local efforts to reduce stormwater pollution; and, the role of phosphorus vs. nitrate concentrations as triggers to eutrophication and Hydrilla and algal growth. The panel evaluated current stormwater runoff management practices and discussed field-tested and new and innovative practices that offer more environmentally sound and/or cost effective alternatives to stormwater management in karst. Panelists included:

Jon Arthur (Moderator) Florida Geological Survey Recommendations bio
Eric Livingston FDEP, Watershed Management Program presentation1
pdf bio
Martin Wanielista University of Central Florida, 
Florida Stormwater Academy
pdf bio
John Buss City of Tallahassee, Stormwater Management presentation pdf bio
Theresa Heiker Leon County, Stormwater Management presentation pdf bio

Discussion Session 2: Septic Systems

The Septic System panel addressed the effectiveness of septic systems as wastewater treatment methods; the prevalence and density of these systems in the Wakulla springshed; suitability of local soils as drain fields; mounding as an alternative for drain field operation; multi-family and commercial facilities vs. single dwelling systems; aerobic vs. anaerobic systems; and the ideal or recommended protocols for system monitoring and maintenance. The panel also discussed the latest innovations in the manufacture and installation of septic systems and compared these systems with local or regional sewage treatment plants from the environmental, public health and economical perspectives. The panel reviewed and evaluated current practices of domestic wastewater management in the springshed and discussed best management practices that may reduce current detrimental impacts on the watershed. Panelists included:

Rodney DeHan (Moderator) Florida Geological Survey Recommendations bio
Paul Booher Florida Department of Health presentation pdf bio
Eberhard Roeder Florida Department of Health presentation pdf bio
Alex Mahon Leon County Health Department bio
Brian Crawford Wakulla County Health Department notes bio
Mark D. Repasky Sustainable Design pdf-1

Discussion Session 3:

The Wastewater panel evaluated the effectiveness of existing wastewater treatment facilities in maintaining the ecological health and integrity of the Wakulla springshed and discussed alternative practices that might be considered by decision makers, within the local and State entities responsible for managing this community's wastewater and protecting its natural resources. Specific topics included: the level of treatment needed before spray irrigation, i.e. secondary, tertiary or advanced wastewater treatment (AWT); ideal crops and application rates for nutrient uptake; seasonal variations and the role of karst formations in the successful operation of spray fields or other land application methods for treating domestic wastewater. Panelists included:

Dick Fancher (Moderator) FDEP, Northwest District Recommendations bio
Kart Vaith CDM, Inc, Jacksonville, Florida presentation pdf bio
Mark Sees City of Orlando Utilities presentation pdf bio
Richard Drew FDEP Wastewater Facilities pdf bio
Ellie Whitney Friends of Wakulla Spring pdf bio
Lynne Putnam City of Tallahassee presentation pdf bio
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