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4th Annual Hydrogeology Consortium Workkshop - Solving Water Pollution Problems in the Wakulla Springshed of North Florida

Florida Geological Survey - Special Publication 58 - 2006

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FGS Intro and Disclaimer Workshop Introduction Scientific Overview Panel
Peer Review Report Field Map

FGS Introduction and Disclaimer

In 2005 the Florida Geological Survey (FGS) co-sponsored (see list of sponsors) this workshop in an effort to bring together the various parties knowledgeable and involved in activities that potentially impact the water quality in Wakulla Spring. The main objective of the workshop was to facilitate open and scientifically-based discussion of these activities and the available data to better understand the hydrogeology of the system and its reaction to various land use activities. A common objective of the co-sponsors was to reverse the observed and documented deterioration of the spring’s water quality. To further bolster the objectivity of the workshop and the legitimacy of its findings; the co-sponsors invited a group of reputable scientists to act as an independent peer review committee and to write a report reflecting their impressions of the information presented. This compilation of presentations, data, figures, panel findings and recommendations, along with the Peer Reviewers Report, reflects the professional opinions of authors, presenters and participants and does not constitute endorsement by the FGS or the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The workshop proceedings are being published as an FGS Special Publication to facilitate scientific discussion of the issues involved and to educate the public at large in the hope of conserving this priceless natural resource for future generations.

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