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Revision to Hydrogeological Units of Florida (FGS Special Publication 28)

Contact: Rick Copeland

In 1986 FGS published a document, “Hydrogeological Units of Florida”. It was published for the Ad Hoc Committee on Florida Hydrostratigraphic Unit Definition, under the auspices of the Southeastern Geological Society. The document addressed the issue of consistency of nomenclature within the hydrogeologic community in Florida. It was an important step in assisting both governmental agencies and the private sector regarding the proper and consistent use of hydrogeology terms throughout the state.

Recently, based on discussions by staff from the FGS, the US Geological Survey, and the private sector, it was noted that since 1986, there had been a considerable increase in the understanding of the Florida’s hydrogeological units. For this reason, in 2003 a committee was formed to discuss potential revisions to the document. The committee (The Second Ad Hoc Committee on Florida Hydrostratigraphic Unit Definition) consists of representatives from the FGS, the US Geological Survey, the water management district, private hydrogeological consultants, and the Florida university system.


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