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Southwest Florida Hydrogeologic Framework Mapping Project

Contact: Jon Arthur, Cindy Fischler or Clint Kromhout

Begun in 1995, the Southwest Florida Hydrogeologic Framework Mapping Project has been a collaborative effort between the FGS and SWFWMD to create a Microsoft Access database of wells with in the district for the mapping project. The creation of this database, “FGS_Wells”, lead to state wide implementation in 2000 which included Oil and Gas regulatory data and ArcGIS well location interfacing.

The mapping project culmination in 2004 has generated 20 surface and thickness maps and 34 cross-sections illustrating the lithostratigraphic and hydrostratigraphic framework of the southwest Florida region. These maps were created using ArcGIS and AutoCAD. Mapped lithologic units include the Middle Eocene Avon Park Formation to the Miocene/Pliocene Peace River Formation. Mapped hydrologic units include the Middle Floridan Aquifer Confining Unit, the Floridan Aquifer, the Intermediate Aquifer System, and the Surficial Aquifer System.

A database of more than 1000 wells is the basis for the generated maps. Of these wells more than 60 percent have been inspected to determine lithostratigraphic contacts. Detailed lithologic descriptions have been made of approximately one-quarter of those wells. Where gaps exist, wells with geophysical logs are included in the analysis to provide adequate coverage for the generated maps and cross-sections.

The maps were generated using the Geostatistical and Spatial Analyst extensions in ArcGIS 8.3 ®. All regions of the SWFWMD including a ten-mile buffer zone were analyzed. The production of these maps provides the most detailed lithostratigraphic and hydrostratigraphic data in state to date, and will provide basis to further improve upon. 

The final report, titled Hydrogeologic Framework of the Southwest Florida Water Management District, was completed in late 2008 as FGS Bulletin 68. and is available as a downloadable pdf file at: http://publicfiles.dep.state.fl.us/FGS/FGS_Publications/B/Bulletin%2068_08-25-09.pdf



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