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Hydrogeology Section

Cooperative Activities:

Advise/consult FDEP and Water Management District programs regarding:
  • UIC activities including hydrogeology, geophysics, ASR, with emphasis on water quality changes during ASR cycle testing
  • Possible relationship between nitrates in Wakulla Springs and the City of Tallahassee spray field, septic systems and storm water runoff in Leon County
  • Springs Initiative issues- springshed delineations, springshed vulnerability, spring discharge, water quality, naming conventions, educational products, etc.
  • Minimum Flows and Levels (e.g., Madison Blue)
  • Hydrostratigraphic nomenclature
  • Sensitive Karst Areas mapping
  • TMDLs in Suwannee River Basin
  • Efficiency of the ground-water portion of the Trend Network and the Status Network
  • Ground-water monitoring practices
  • Periodically review of Division of Water Resource Management reports, documents, etc
  • Provide technical presentations on aquifer vulnerability and aspects of ASR

Represent the FDEP/FGS while advising or assisting:
Focus Areas

Last updated: November 10, 2014

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