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FGS Current Projects Map Instructions

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The FGS Current Projects Map is a compilation of FGS Statewide, regional and local current projects. Presented in an online, interactive format, it is updated as needed when the status of a project changes or as new projects commence. 

Site-specifc projects are indicated as dots.  The study area outline is shown for larger projects. When selecting a point on the map, all local, regional and statewide projects that intersect that point will also be selected.

Upon opening the FGS projects map you will be presented with an information window like the one below.

Projects map information window

There are three buttons (or tabs) at the top of the window. The first one gives you information about the map, the second lists the contents of the map and the third shows the legend. You may have to toggle between the second and third buttons to get the legend symbology to show correctly (this is an ArcGIS online quirk). If you click on the “more details” link it will take you to a page with more information about the map and some simple instructions about identifying projects. If you select the legends button you will get a window like the one below (if you don’t see any symbols click on one of the other buttons and then the legend button again).

Projects map legend

If you would like to know more about a project simply click on one of the symbols in the map (see below). A window will pop up with information about that particular project. A large orange box (polygon) represents the FGS statewide current projects. When you select a local (or regional) project in the map, ArcGIS online will automatically select all of the statewide projects since they contain the area of the local or regional features. Therefore, after selecting your local (or regional) project of interest, check the blue section at the top of the information window. The blue section will say 1 of 7 (depends on number of statewide current projects) and have an arrow indicating that you can scroll through these other choices. The 6 other choices are the statewide projects. You can also click anywhere within the orange box that doesn't contain a point or regional polygon to obtain just the statewide project information.

Projects map screen view

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