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Springs of Florida cover of the Springs of Florida Bulletin

In 2001, the Florida Legislature passed the Florida Springs Initiative to further the State's ability to conserve and protect our valuable freshwater spring resources. As part of this larger program the FGS began a three year project to update and complete the state's inventory of these resources. The original report by the FGS on Florida's springs was published in 1947, as Bulletin No. 31. This was revised in 1977. In recent decades, much has been learned about additional spring resources unreported in earlier compilations. In addition, a great deal of water chemistry information has been gathered to enable long-term trend analysis and interpretative dynamics of our subsurface aquifer flow regimes. Further data is being compiled to better define various springsheds to aid policy makers as they try to address land-use decisions to foster sustainable fresh water resources. The information contained in this report, provides data for scientists, planners, environmental managers, and the citizens of Florida.

Bulletin 66 is available to download as a complete pdf document. This document is approximately 76mb in size.

Below we have taken Bulletin 66 and divided it into smaller sections (1mb or less) that can be downloaded or opened from here. If you wish to download, just right click on the link and select "save target as". If you prefer to open the pdf from here, just click on the link.

You will need the free Adobe Reader in order to view any of the documents offered on this page.


a photo from Bulletin 66 of Santa Fe River Rise in Alachua County
a photo from Bulletin 66 of Santa Fe River Rise in Alachua County
a photo from Bulletin 66 of Little Devil Spring located in Gilchrist County

Last updated: November 10, 2014

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