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Protecting Florida's springs : an implementation guidebook

Protecting Florida's Srings cover This Implementation Guidebook is a companion to Protecting Florida’s Springs: Land Use Planning Strategies and Best Management Practices, produced by the DCA and DEP and released in November 2002. The new 2008 Implementation Guidebook provides the information needed by a local government to amend its comprehensive plan and land development regulations, for the purpose of protecting Florida’s springs. The Guidebook contains three primary components to assist local governments: An explanation of the basis for springs protection with guidance on issues important to springs protection, recommended provisions for a local government comprehensive plan, and recommended land development regulations. In addition to the three main components of the publication, there is an extensive bibliography, a glossary, and more detailed information in appendices. The document is a .pdf file and you will need to  obtain a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view it. Click on picture to open.

Springs of Florida - Florida Geological Survey's Bulletin no. 66

cover of the springs bulletin

Bulletin 66 is the results of a 3 year study of Florida's freshwater springs.  Included in this report are descriptions and pictures of individual springs along with water quality analyses.

Florida Spring Classification System and Spring Glossary

special publications 52 cover This publication describes the Florida Springs Classification System and presents a Florida Springs Glossary. The document is a .pdf file and you will need to  obtain a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view it. Click on picture to open.

Florida's Springs Protecting Nature's Gems:

Florida Springs New DEP Website where you can learn how a spring forms and what you can do when visiting or exploring a spring. Also learn about the life in a spring and why these Florida Gems are being threatened.  Click on picture to go to www.floridasprings.org

Florida's Springs

The Department of Environmental Protection springs website at www.dep.state.fl.us/springs/

First Magnitude Springs of Florida

Alexamder Spring in Lake County

Spring water is a natural discharge from the Floridan aquifer system, the state's primary aquifer, the springs provide a "window" into the aquifer allowing for a measure of the health of the aquifer. (extracted from First Magitude Springs of Florida - Open File Report  No.85)

  • Open First Magnitude Springs of Florida Open file Report No. 85 (OFR-85) . This file is 65 meg in size.

  • or Download OFR-85 . The Download file is a self extracting zip file. Once it is downloaded double click on it and it will self extract  to the OFR-85.pdf file. Note: Some Computer security programs will not allow the download of .exe files. This file is 34 megs in size.

  • Another form of Download is this .zip file. You will need a program like winzip to unzip the file after downloading. You can get an evaluation Version of Winzip here. This file is also 34 megs in size.

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to open and view the .pdf file.

Florida Springs Database

A List of Florida Springs and Sinks as compiled by Greg Johnson for Florida springs

Last updated: November 10, 2014

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