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Closing Remarks

Jon Arthur

Significant progress has been made regarding ASR activities in Florida. During the conference, someone jokingly remarked that conference title "ASR IV" could be interpreted as “ASR I-V,” which reminds us of the perception issues that ASR has faced. Though it may have seemed for a while that ASR in Florida needed CPR and an I-V, we are beyond that point. Several operational ASR facilities exist that have been successful for several years. Though ASR may not be viable in all geologic settings, it is a proven technology that serves as an option to address water shortages. Our key to success as we move forward is to continue to strive for a balance between addressing projected water supply needs, serving as stewards of Florida’s water resources, and gaining a better understanding of Florida’s natural systems (hydrogeology, microbiology, geochemistry) as they pertain to ASR. Finding that balance involves continued testing and research, evaluation of ASR regulations and practices, and implementing education programs outlining the benefits and concerns surrounding ASR in Florida.

Peter Dillon

It's amazing what a difference a number makes. The real question is whether or not a particular number in terms of a regulatory threshold will really give us a safer community. No matter on which side of the fence one sits, I believe that everyone's goal is to have a safe community and a healthy environment. In that light, a Risk Management approach has been recognized as more viable in achieving that goal than the "maximum threshold" approach by the World Health Organization, Australia and the European Union. It should be, at least, earnestly considered in Florida. Despite the problems and arguments, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The issues you're grappling with now will inevitably unite you in your common purpose.

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Last updated: June 07, 2005

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