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Florida Geological Survey

Resources for teachers

The FGS provides both publications and educational outreach to K-12 students and teachers. In our publication series we have several posters, including Florida's Hydrogeologic Environment, Florida Minerals, Florida.s Fossil Mammals, and Geologic History of Florida, which are popular with teachers and students. The FGS also distributes a map series titled Guide Map to Geologic and Paleontologic Sites in Florida, which is used by older students and adults alike. We have produced a video, Florida's Geology Unearthed, aimed at the 8th grade level, and used by teachers in the classroom. In addition, we provide Florida rock and mineral samples to students upon request, and a boxed sets of several of our state's rocks and minerals to teachers for classroom use. Our more technical maps and publications are  occasionally requested and used by upper-level students and teachers in the K-12 range. The FGS Web site also provides an overview of Florida geology and Survey activities, with downloadable maps and data, and links to on-line publications.

Cover picture of the video package "Florida Geology Unearthed"

The K-12 outreach and service components of our work include the following:

1.  A free copy of any publication to any teacher who requests it on school letterhead.

2.  Talks on requested geologic subjects to classes in reasonable proximity to the FGS.

3.  Lead local class geology fieldtrips.

4.  Answers to specific questions received from teachers at our Web site concerning geology, publications or

        other resources available to them.

5.  Assistance to middle school and high school students seeking earth science related internships.

6.  Staff participation as local school science fair judges and providing technical assistance to students working

        on earth science projects.

7.  Staff participation in agency and community science education events aimed at least in part at K-12


8.  Participation in local school cooperative programs, engaging selected students in actual FGS projects.

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Videos available for Teachers :

  • Florida Geology Unearthed : Available in DVD and VHS.
  • Florida's Aquifer Adventure : Available in DVD and VHS. A 20 minute film which describes Florida's aquifer systems, springs, caves and environmental issues. Contact the FGS for ordering information.


  • Many of the FGS publications can be useful to both students and teachers and can be viewed online. Please see our List of Publications. The List of Publications is a Adobe pdf file and you will need the free Adobe reader to open it.


The FGS has many posters available for teachers. Look in the Poster sections of the List of Publications. Links have also been supplied below to some online posters on this website.


The FGS has many maps available for teachers. Look in the Map Series and Open File Map Series sections of the List of Publications. . See Links below for other online maps.

Please address requests for educational assistance to:

 Dr. Christopher Williams (Christopher.P.Williams@dep.state.fl.us)

 Florida GeologicalSurvey

 903 West Tennessee Street

 Tallahassee, FL 32304

Last updated: November 10, 2014

  3000 Commonwealth Blvd., Suite 1   Tallahassee, Florida 32303   850-617-0300 (phone)  850-617-0341 (fax)
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