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Florida Geological Survey

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data and maps produced by the Florida Geological Survey (FGS), an office of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), are provided solely as a general reference for state geologic features, are not warranted for any other use or purpose, and are not intended to replace site-specific or use-specific investigations Use of FGS data and maps by an end-user for any purpose other than general reference shall free the FDEP and the FGS from any and all liability for outcomes resulting from unintended or inappropriate applications of FGS spatial data. Examples of such applications include but are not limited to the mapping of point data with respect to cadastral boundaries, the use of geologic data for engineering purposes, and the interpolation of results of broad-scale GIS modeled surfaces to local areas that may or may not be deemed geologically analogous.

As with all spatial data, the attributes and exact coordinates of features depicted in FGS maps, coverages and datasets are subject to inherent errors due to limitations in the resources and technology available to record data. Please keep in mind that older maps, projects, and data were developed using the best tools and knowledge available at the time, and that spatial data standards and the tools used to develop these data have improved significantly over the last several years. Existing maps and projects are sometimes updated and enhanced with new data of higher precision, and thus are subject to change. The FGS makes every effort to provide the most up-to-date and accurate geographic information possible, but cannot be held liable for the use of outdated data regardless of whether more current data have been obtained, analyzed, or made available by the FGS or FDEP.

Any modifications of FGS spatial data or maps by end-users must be acknowledged and noted appropriately in all subsequent products and analysis, and any FDEP/FGS logos or author information must be removed from altered FGS products prior to distribution to any other individual or entity. All FGS spatial data and maps are distributed on an "as is" basis and end-users shall assume all risks concerning data quality, performance, and analytic results. The same shall also be true concerning the use of unpublished drafts of FGS products, which may not be distributed to other individuals or entities without prior FGS approval.

Comments and inquiries regarding FDEP/FGS spatial data, maps, projects, and other analysis are encouraged and the FGS asks to be notified of any documented errors or inaccuracies. As a professional courtesy, the FDEP/FGS asks that due credit be given when our data sets are utilized by other individuals or entities. Further, since some or all of the data yielded from each FGS project were developed using public funds, no proprietary rights may be attached to FGS products wholly or in part, nor may FGS products be sold to the U.S. Government or the Florida State Government as part of any procurement of products or services. By using FGS spatial data or maps for any purpose other than general reference, the end-user acknowledges all the aforementioned stipulations and absolves the FDEP/FGS completely of any responsibility for unintended or inappropriate usage. For questions, comments, or observations regarding FGS spatial datasets or maps, including questions concerning appropriate uses for specific datasets, please contact the FGS GIS analyst listed below.

Seth Bassett, GIS Analyst
Florida Geological Survey
3000 Commonweath Blvd., MS 720
Tallahassee, FL 32303
(850) 617-0327

The use of information from the FGS site by a third party does not indicate that the FGS recommends or endorses the third party user or their services.
January 14, 2016

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