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Florida Geological Survey
3000 Commonwealth Blvd., Suite 1
Tallahassee, FL 32303
Phone (850) 617-0300
Fax (850) 617-0341

Sinkhole Questions
(850) 245-2118

Members of the News Media : All members of the news media needing technical information or interviews with DEP staff should first contact the DEP Press Office at 850-245-2112. Questions may also be submitted by email to the DEP Office of the Ombudsman and Public Services at: http://www.dep.state.fl.us/secretary/cs/

Please note : Florida has a very broad public records law. Most written communications to or from state officials regarding state business are public records available to the public and media upon request. Your e-mail communications may therefore be subject to public disclosure.


(All phone numbers use area code 850.)
Area of Interest Contact Person
Alternate water resources DEP Water Resource Management Program; Dr. Jonathan Arthur (617-0320)
Analytical chemistry Cindy Fischler (617-0319)
Aquifers District Geologist; DEP Ground Water Program
Aquifer storage and recovery Cindy Fischler (617-0319); DEP UIC Program
Aquifer vulnerability Alan Baker (617-0337); Tom Greenhalgh (245-2384)
Basement (sub-Floridan) geology Dr. Jonathan Arthur (617-0320)
Coastal geology Dan Phelps (617-0313); Dr. Christopher P. Williams (617-0317)
Drilling - Oil and Gas Wells David M. Taylor (245-7536)
Drilling - Stratigraphic Core Drilling Program David Paul (245-3131)
Dye tracing Tom Greenhalgh (245-2384)
Environmental Education and Public Outreach Sarah Erb (617-0333)
Environmental Issues (not Complaints or Enforcement) District Geologist
Fossils Guy Means (617-0312)
Forensic geology District Geologist
Geoarcheology Guy Means (617-0312)
Geochemistry Cindy Fischler (617-0319)
Geologic carbon sequestration Dr. Jonathan Arthur (617-0320)
Geologic hazards (general) District Geologist
Geologic nomenclature Guy Means (617-0312); Rick Green (617-0318); District Geologist
Geophysics Dan Phelps (617-0313)
Geophysical log availability Alan Baker (617-0337); District Geologist
GIS related issues (including GIS databases) Alan Baker (617-0337); Seth Bassett (617-0335)
Groundwater District Geologist; DEP Groundwater Program
Ground penetrating radar (GPR) Dan Phelps (617-0313)
Hydrogeochemistry Cindy Fischler (617-0319)
Hydrogeology District Geologist
Hydrogeologic modelling Jim Cichon(617-0335)
Hydrostratigraphic nomenclature Dr. Jonathan Arthur (617-0320); District Geologist
Industrial minerals District Geologist
Injection wells Cindy Fischler (617-0319); DEP UIC Program
Karst Geology District Geologist
Library Services Doug Calman (617-0316)
Lithologic logs District Geologist
Mineral Rights Issues Clint Kromhout (617-0332)
Mineralogy Rick Green (617-0318); Cindy Fischler (617-0319); Guy Means (617-0312)
Mining and mineral resource assessments Sarah Erb (617-0333)
Monitor Wells David Paul (245-3131)
National Geologic and Geophysical Data Preservation Program Michelle Ladle (617-0314)
News media contact DEP Press Office (245-2112); Dr. Jonathan Arthur (617-0320); Guy Means (617-0312)
Oil and Gas Issues Dr. Jonathan Arthur (617-0320); David M. Taylor (245-7536)
Paleontology Guy Means (617-0312)
Peat and other organic matter Guy Means (617-0312)
Phosphate mining Tom Greenhalgh (245-2384); Clint Kromhout (617-0332)
Potentiometric surface mapping Jim Cichon (617-0335)
Publications Doug Calman (617-0316)
Public policy Dr. Jonathan Arthur (617-0320)
Radon Rick Green (617-0318)
Sample collections and repository Jesse Hurd (245-3124); David Paul (245-3131); District Geologist
Scanning electron microscope and microprobe Cindy Fischler (617-0319); Dr. Jonathan Arthur (617-0320)
Sedimentology Dan Phelps (617-0313); Dr. Christopher P. Williams (617-0317)
Sinkholes (See also “Subsidence Incidence Reports”) Sinkhole Group (617-0301); District Geologist
Soils Guy Means (617-0312)
Springs Guy Means (617-0312); Tom Greenhalgh (245-2384)
STATEMAP (National Cooperative Geological Mapping Program) Rick Green (617-0318); Dr. Christopher Williams (617-0317)
Structural geology District Geologist
Subsidence incident reports and database Clint Kromhout (617-0332)
Water Quality issues Tom Greenhalgh (245-2384)
Web Site Inquiries Michelle Ladle (617-0314)
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  3000 Commonwealth Blvd., Suite 1   Tallahassee, Florida 32303   850-617-0300 (phone)  850-617-0341 (fax)
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